Published On : Sat, Sep 16th, 2023

International gaming app Guru Rakesh Rajkot on Nagpur police radar

Sontu Jain fraud case

Nagpur: The Sontu Jain fraud case has taken a new twist as the Nagpur police have set their sights on Rakesh Rajkot, a fugitive international online gaming app guru. Rakesh Rajkot, a multimillionaire known for his political connections, is currently believed to be in hiding in either Dubai or London. This development comes as the Delhi Special Cell, Rajasthan police, and now Nagpur authorities are all actively searching for him in various cases, a local English daily reported.

Rakesh Rajkot’s rise to fortune began with his involvement in matka, satta, and gambling, leading to considerable wealth accumulation before he fled the country to evade Indian law enforcement agencies. The report said that Rakesh is not only a gaming app expert but also a kingpin in hawala channels, with substantial properties in both Dubai and London.


The Sontu Jain fraud case, which has garnered significant attention, revolves around Sontu Jain, also known as Sontu Gondia, an international bookie and alleged mastermind behind manipulated gaming apps. Sontu is accused of defrauding a businessman of Rs 58 crore and had fled to Dubai but was apprehended upon his arrival at Delhi airport. Police seized cash, gold, silver, and property documents from Sontu’s residence during his arrest.

According to reports, Sontu, during his ongoing interrogation, implicated his mentor, Rakesh Rajkot, in the case. Rakesh has been linked to coordinating transactions involving over Rs 1,400 crore. He faces multiple charges in different cities, including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Rajasthan, and now Nagpur.

Both Sontu and Rakesh may potentially face charges under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA), as they are suspected to be part of a larger syndicate involved in organized criminal activities.

Nagpur Police Chief Amitesh Kumar affirmed that the investigation team is diligently working to uncover the intricacies of the case and that “many options and strategies are being worked out.”

Rakesh Rajkot is also allegedly connected to T20 cricket tournaments in India and owns several websites and apps, including Through these platforms, he lures users into placing bets on various sports and eventually leads them to cricket betting. His specially coded software is designed to ensure that users do not win substantial amounts, thereby profiting the operator.

The bail hearing for Sontu Jain, the primary accused in the case, has been adjourned until September 21. Jain is facing charges of duping a businessman of Rs 58 crore through a manipulated gaming app. Although he had fled to Dubai, he returned for the court hearing. During his police interrogation, Sontu provided limited information about his vast wealth, estimated to be between Rs 70-80 crore. He did, however, admit to having connections with top bookies and gaming app operators, shedding light on what appears to be a multi-crore gaming app scam with international ramifications. The investigation continues to uncover the full extent of this complex gaming app fraud.