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The Nagpur Today News website is the online “voice” of  Nagpurian. Packed with news, interviews and articles, it speaks to – and for – today’s “surfers”.

Hard-hitting, informative and independent minded, no other site covers the breadth of issues and subjects that matter so much to the fastest growing user group on the net: a vast resource that generates massive reader usage.

Remember: this is the web user demographic that is time rich.

Its daily updates of the news that really matters to our readers make it a “must read” site and – it’s a platform to express their views and creative output.

It also features great reader offers and competitions for visitors to enter, creating terrific sticky content.

On top of that it’s packed with lifestyle articles and useful information on finance, health, fitness and beauty, property, gardening, celebrity interviews, cooking, holidays and leisure, clubs and societies, places to go and things to do. Information that our visitors want to read.

You can be a part of Nagpur Today Online in a number of ways:

1. We offer strategic marketing partnerships with selected organisations in each key sector to
promote products and services in an imaginative and effective way. If you want to tell our web
users the bigger story, this is your chance – right through to creating whole micro-sites.

2. You can take advertising space in targeted sections of the web including the home page or
category home pages.

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4. And we can talk about advertorial opportunities – lasting from just a week through to a whole

But, above all, we can offer you a totally integrated marketing opportunity using our website. We are also able to offer our expert advice and experience in copywriting for this audience to achieve maximum impact.

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We will be offering the following category of advertisements:

  1. Push Down Banner
  2. Slide in from the left
  3. Slide in from the top after 2 seconds, Autoclose after 5 seconds
  4. Slides in from the right after 3 seconds
  5. Slides in from the bottom
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  • Banner Ads
  • Pop Up
  • Pop Up Under
  • Text Link
  • Channel / Sub site Sponsorship



  • Top banner
  • Right Banner
  • Middle Banner
  • Tower Banner – (Left and right side of site )
  • TV banner ( Visual Advertisements )
    • Pop Up
    • Pop Up ads are given on main home page.


  • Pop Up Under
  • Pop Up Under ads are given on inner pages like products category page, product detail page etc.


Text Link

Text Links are given on main home page .


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