Published On : Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022
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What Is Roadside Assistance & Is It Included in Car Insurance?

How frustrating is it to have your car breakdown just when you must reach somewhere important?

Maybe you have an emergency, and you want to arrive on time. Or maybe you are going out on a vacation with friends or family. Either way, it is a nuisance to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight.

Now as hopeless as these kinds of situations might look like, there is a solution to tackle it: roadside assistance.


If you are wondering what roadside assistance is, then we will answer that question. We won’t just talk about what roadside assistance is, but we will also explain how it will benefit you. Read on.

Roadside Assistance: The Basics

Even though our lives have been made so much easier with all the advanced technology we own, there is no denying that they can break down anytime, anywhere.

Take for instance, your own car. You might be travelling to some faraway location and in the middle of your journey, your car might just falter and stop altogether. Maybe it’s a dead battery or a flat tyre or something else. Regardless of the cause, it becomes a problem for you.

This is why roadside assistance has been created.

This is an insurance cover that is specifically tailored to help you when you have an on-road emergency. It promises 24*7 support.

You can get this roadside assistance cover along with your new car insurance. Most new car insurance provides you the option for this.

Now if you are contemplating whether roadside assistance is worth the investment, when you already have new car insurance, then read the following.

6 Reasons That Makes Roadside Assistance A Worthwhile Investment

To get a better understanding of roadside assistance, you should be aware of what is included under this cover.

  • Flat Battery

If your car stopped because of a flat battery, roadside assistance would make sure you are equipped to deal with the issue. It will make sure that the nearest professionals are contacted, and all the financial costs are covered. Furthermore, in some extreme cases, a roadside assistance will also make arrangements for your car to be towed.

  • Flat Tyre

You can never tell when you might end up with a flat tyre, but you can always be prepared for such a scenario with a roadside assistance cover. Thiscover will ensure that you are provided with the necessary professional help and resources. Furthermore, it will also make sure that you are financially protected against such damage.

  • Loss/Theft of Keys

If you lose your keys, you only have to call upon roadside assistance. It will provide you with an extra set of keys. Or it will make sure you have professionals looking after your issue. Regardless of the course of action the cover chooses, you are guaranteed protection.

  • Vehicle Repairs

A roadside assistance will also financially protect you in the case of minor vehicle repairs. This is because a roadside assistance cover pays for the labor and the other additional costs involved in fixing the issue.

  • Medical Emergencies

In the case of accidents, there is an urgent need for medical help. Roadside assistance ensures that you are provided the necessary medical care immediately. It arranges for you to be taken to the nearest health center.

  • Low Fuel Emergencies

Roadside assistance also provides fuel for emergencies. There are different fuel limits in different roadside assistance covers but you can be assured that you will be provided for if you run out of your fuel.

 Protect Yourself with Roadside Assistance

In 2020, 3,66,138 accidents happened on Indian roads. As a result of this, 1,31,714 lives were lost. This is a disturbing figure, and it simply stresses upon how important it has become to buy roadside assistance cover along with your new car insurance.

But before you buy this roadside assistance cover, you need to know that the following factors are excluded:

  • Driving Under Influence: Roadside assistance will not provide any kind of support if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
  • Breaking Traffic Laws: The cover will not protect you if you are found to be breaking traffic laws.


Roadside assistance is an incredibly beneficial investment you can make for your life. Given the rising number of accidents on the road, you need to be prepared for any casualties. Roadside assistance helps you with that. It assures you of 24&7 assistance for these kinds of situations.