Published On : Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022
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How to Launch a Gambling Platform from Scratch in 2022

Excellent software, exciting games, and a durable platform are essential requirements for a successful online casino. This article will focus on how to launch a gambling platform that can support the growth of online casinos in 2022.

Scope of Gamlbing Industry in 2022

Undoubtedly, technological advancements have spread across every industry like wildfire in the last few decades – the gambling industry isn’t at all left out. Advances in the growth of AI, modes of payment, and machine learning, are factors that have immensely contributed to the development of this industry.

With the rise in people’s online gambling interest and the increased desire to make money, the industry is to take a quantum leap in the year 2022 and beyond. Finally, there also seems to be hope for the industry, as an increase in female participation is gradually making this industry well-accepted today.


As stated earlier, the first thing people who wish to start an online gambling business need is a lasting platform to support the games. So, it is safe to say that development of such platforms is quintessential. There are two ways investors can go about engaging the market:

  • Partnering with already established platforms, as this would help with visibility if done with popular and credible ones
  • Start from scratch; this would include building the platform, checking for online gambling software for sale, and working with them. It will also include a rock-solid marketing strategy to grow the platform’s popularity and increase traffic to the site.

Whatever the case, there has to be lots of hard work to be put in place to have a successful gambling business.

Launching from the Scratch

Here are a few things required to successfully launch a gambling platform that can withstand the tides of the industry.

Domain Experience

This is the first item to be checked on the list. This knowledge helps the development team have quality insight into the mind of the operators, understand vital concepts and grasp the terminologies. When recruiting developers, the years of experience on the job matter, as the platform serves as the blueprint to build the entire iGaming site.

Building from scratch requires willpower and setting up strategic goals to meet deadlines and company expectations. This is another factor to consider when selecting a development team, as the platform must be built to precision.

Defining API Contracts

After properly highlighting the key components, the next step is to provide them through tested and trusted APIs. Having to define these contracts is a challenge to some developers since they need to be both generic and solid enough to be useful. Here, the developers need to abstract the needs of the Sportsbook, Lotteries, Games, Slots, and Casino to provide flawless function in the players’ eyes and that of the operators.

User Transactions and Accounts

For gambling platforms, a good user account setup and transactions are also essential. With the API already established, operators can smooth interactions with different product providers. This aids the user to have a singular balance where he can place his bets without having to transfer his money around. This feature is crucial to induce the products into the gaming platform for the UX of the users. 

This single source of transactions provides real-time insight and reporting into the various operations via a well-crafted pre-aggregated repost which can be readily accessed. 


Building a great platform requires a clear definition of the goals and objectives, plus a professional team that can deliver on quality. Asides from the creativity, commitment to the platform is vital as a platform must consistently keep on improving and have new updates to meet the needs of the times. As time elapses, some of the additions that will be required include a more excellent API, more exciting features, and tools for operators, product providers, and end-users alike.