Video: Plasto’s current director Vishal Agrawal, cheated the founder?

Nagpur: Last week, Nagpur Today had exposed the alleged dirty-deeds of the current directors of city-based plastic tank manufactures – Plasto. The company established back in 1986 by Madanmohan Agrawal had registered a giant leap in the business over the years before Madanmohan suffered with paralysis attack in 1999. Owing to health crisis, Madanmohan used to stay back at home. Capitalizing the situation, Urmila RC Agrawal and her sons Nilesh, Vishal and Vaibhav along with grand daughter Shreya, approached Rajni Agrawal offering help on the pretext of looking after the firm. Unmindful of the orchestrated conspiracy, the family of Madanmohan fell prey to the dubious plan, claimed Ankush Agrawal, elder son of Madanmohan. He had levelled a series of damning allegations accusing the current directors committing frauds. He further claimed, “Gradually my aunt Urmila Rameshchandra Agrawal, her sons Vaibhav, Vishal, Nilesh and her granddaughter Shreya, sold my parents share, forged our accounts and left us no option but to run pillar to post seeking justice.”“In the period between 1986 and 1999, my father looked after the firm like his baby. He would manage the finance, accounts with ease.

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However, things went south when he suffered paralysis attack in 1999. As he was unable to look after the firm, which had by that time spread its wings across the country, our aunt Urmila RC Agrawal along with her sons Nilesh and Vishal approached us and pleaded to let them lead the firm. Not aware of their ill-intentions, we fell prey to the nasty trick,” Ankush alleged.“The accused later used forged accounts and duplicate signatures to sell stakes of my parents at the firm. Using these forged accounts they later extracted money and claimed all our assets,” He said.

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