Video: Plasto directors used my parents, grandma’s accounts for fraud: Ex-founder’s son

Nagpur: The series of allegations of alleged fraud against the directors of Plasto — city based renowned plastic tank manufactures – and a report on this in Nagpur Today, has created ripples across the state.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Ankush, son of ex-founder of the firm, Madanmohan Agrawal, has accused his aunt Urmila Rameshchndra Agrawal, her sons Vaibhav, Vishal, Nilesh and grand-daughter Shreya of defrauding not only his father Madanmohan alone but mother Rajanidevi and grandmother Yenubai, too. Ankush has alleged that all the accused reportedly sold the shares of his mother Rajanidevi, who was promoter of the firm. Similarly, they also tricked his grandmother in their nefarious designs, he said.

“The accused had opened the accounts of my mother, Rajanidevi and grandmother Yenubai at Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank (NNSB) without their knowledge. After selling my mother’s stake at the firm, the accused transferred the money in these accounts. The accused then transferred the amount at their own accounts using forged signature of my mother. Doesn’t it seem ironic that a common citizen has to face inconvenience if her/his signature mismatches! However, here the bank transfers hefty amount to another account without verifications,” Ankush claimed.

“When the police department intervened into the matter, the accused transferred around Rs 2.25 crore to my parents’ accounts. However, we immediately returned the amount. The accused have easy access when it comes to illicit transfers, withdrawal. Such transactions without the connivance of any bank’s officials is next to impossible,” the son of former Plasto founder stated.