Published On : Sun, Mar 14th, 2021

Play online fantasy cricket and win real cash prizes

Always having a wish to play cricket, but don’t have enough resources and time. No worries! Nowadays you can play online fantasy cricket by making your own favorite fantasy cricket teams and win real cash along with many other prizes. 

Fantasy cricket league is a process of playing online cricket. You can virtually select your team of eleven players of your favorite and best performing players.

You will be the dream fantasy team selector, select the best players, and win points for individual performances of the players. You can also replace the low performing players with best performing players for earning more points and winning more prizes.

There are many apps these days which lets you play online fantasy cricket and win many types of prizes. One of such apps is ‘Ballebaazi’. It helps you to make an online fantasy cricket team and win many prizes including real cash by playing certain games like fantasy football, fantasy cricket, fantasy baseball and fantasy kabaddi. On ballebaazi, you always win, i.e., even if your team loses the single match, you can win points from the individual performances of the players.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, Ballabaazi is very user friendly and it can let you withdraw even rs. 10 on your paytm liked account.

Why to choose online fantasy cricket leagues

There are various reasons for playing online fantasy cricket leagues. But, there are some specific advantages that you may get by playing these online fantasy cricket leagues like online contests, bonuses, points systems etc. These reasons can be-

  • Comprehensive gaming environment to provide you realistic gaming experience
  • Monthly and weekly promotions
  • Deeper interests in matches
  • Fantasy referral points systems
  • Top rewards
  • Winning leaderboards
  • Expert advices on team selections

There are many other benefits also that you can get by playing online fantasy cricket leagues and winning prizes, but above given are some of the main benefits that you can get by playing virtual fantasy cricket.

Things to keep in mind while choosing fantasy cricket team

Choosing the best team is very important for winning. As a team selector, you have to choose the best eleven players for your team, which will play for you in online fantasy cricket leagues and help you earn more fantasy points and through these points, you win real cash money or other prizes. Hence, following are the main things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your online fantasy cricket team-

  • Playing conditions of players and the ground
  • Pitch and weather updates
  • Toss winner or decision
  • Opposition records
  • Current form and back track records
  • Previous experience of playing against the same opposition
  • Top batsmen and bowlers
  • Experienced or newbie players
  • Strengths or weaknesses of the players
  • Medical status of the players- injured or recovering
  • Availability of chosen players in the team

These are some factors that you should always keep in mind while choosing your online fantasy cricket team.

Winning real cash or prizes

These fantasy games league platforms provide you with various options for cash prize leagues or practice contests. You will need to choose from cash or prize leagues and from practice contests. This choice depends on your experience of playing online fantasy cricket leagues.

You must have the basic knowledge about the rules and regulations of the game and you are good to participate in cash leagues.

Winning at online fantasy cricket leagues require skill, knowledge, patience and persistence. You can win many prizes at Ballebaazi as they have a very transparent process of offering virtual games and then deciding the best team won on the basis of points earned by individual performances of all the best layers. Your eleven players will earn points for your performance and on the basis of those points, you will win many prizes including real cash prizes, gadget prizes, motorcycles, merchandise and many more.

The best thing about these online fantasy cricket leagues is that you do not have to stick with the same players every time. You can always replace your low performers with the best players in every match. 

Ballebaazi provides you with some of the biggest contents and leagues to participate while playing online cricket fantasy leagues. 


Online fantasy cricket can be played online through any website or App, where the team maker will make a standard team of best performing 11 players, choosing from a wide pool of players. It works on a point system and the team maker earns points for his selected team of 11 players, based on their individual real match performance. The calculation of referral points considers various factors like runs scored, catches, and wickets taken in the actual match. The player also gets a choice to pick either to play a free fantasy cricket game or play cricket to earn real money. Now go ahead and play online fantasy cricket and win real cash prizes.