Published On : Mon, Mar 6th, 2023
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Planning To Buy A New Car For Your Family? Here Is Why You Should Choose Hyundai Creta!

Buying a new car is a substantial investment. One must compare a list of top brands and models to select the best match for the family. Moreover, buyers should focus on the safety and durability aspects of the car for a better driving experience and comfort. The budget is obviously another major factor to consider.

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Hyundai has been one of the most preferred car brands in India. It captured the Indian market with models having modern features and designs. Right now, Hyundai Creta can be one of the best options for those looking for a new family car. Here’s why one should opt for Hyundai Creta.


Why Should You Choose Hyundai Creta As Your Next Dream Car?

Here are some of the reasons why the Hyundai Creta can be one of the best options for a potential car enthusiast:

  1. Driving dynamics

Talking about its driving dynamics, buyers should focus on the features of this top-notch SUV. From a touchscreen display to a rear parking camera, this car will astonish buyers with all its modern amenities. For example, it comes with ventilated seats, an electric sunroof, auto headlamps and many more. Besides, it is known for excellent performance and driving stability.

It is available with both manual and automatic transmissions. The car has got a refined powertrain and is rich with features aimed to enhance the driving experience. It has 6 airbags, ABS, Hill Start Assist Control, Vehicle Stability Management Control, etc.

  1. Engine

Hyundai Creta is available in both diesel and petrol engines. The diesel engine comes with an engine capacity of 1493 cc. For petrol engines, there are two variants, one with 1497 cc and the other is 1353 cc. Though the mileage may vary depending on the variant and fuel type, Creta is expected to offer around 17 kmph mileage. The engine is 4 cylinders.

  1. Build quality

While purchasing a car, buyers always look for driving comfort and safety. Hyundai Creta attracts potential buyers with its specially designed sturdy body frame. Thus, buyers can expect excellent vehicle integrity and optimised safety when they choose this Hyundai model.

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Get insurance for new Hyundai Creta

After buying this feature-packed SUV, owners must buy Hyundai car insurance to protect their valuable possession from unforeseen mishaps. Car insurance will cover the repair and replacement costs incurred due to an accident or any other mishaps. Moreover, it offers death benefits depending on the chosen plan.

Types of Hyundai car insurance policies 

Buyers can opt for two car insurance policies for their Hyundai Creta. They are as follows:

  • Comprehensive car insurance policy – If a car owner buys a comprehensive policy, he can get coverage for his own damage and losses besides coverage for third-party damages or losses. One can buy an add-on with a comprehensive insurance policy to extend the coverage.
  • Own damage car insurance policy– After purchasing a third-party insurance policy, the policyholders may realise that they might need coverage for own damages. In that case, he can purchase own damage insurance without waiting till the renewal of his existing policy.
  • Third-party car insurance policy – It is a mandatory policy that every vehicle owner should purchase to abide by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. A third party car insurance policy assists car owners financially to get coverage for third-party liabilities.

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This new policy will cover the losses and damages caused to the owner. Moreover, one can purchase this policy from a different insurance company as well.

What’s covered in Hyundai car insurance?

Hyundai car insurance provides the following coverage to a policyholder:

  • Covers the damages caused to the insured Hyundai Creta due to accidents or collisions
  • If the car accident causes physical disabilities or the death of the owner
  • Covers the damages caused due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • It also covers the damages caused to a car due to fire and explosions
  • When the owner’s car damages someone else’s vehicle or life, Hyundai car insurance will cover that too
  • If the insured car gets stolen, the policyholder will get compensation from the insurance company

Every car owner needs to buy an insurance policy for a brand-new vehicle to safeguard it from unexpected mishaps. Purchasing insurance is no more a hectic task, one can easily visit the insurer’s website and complete the process in a few minutes. Besides, they can also conduct the claim settlement procedure online without the hassles of paperwork or visiting the company.

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