Published On : Sat, Jan 8th, 2022
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Packing and Moving Tips for Safe Relocation During COVID in Mumbai

Novel Coronavirus has been playing around in our lives for a long time, and it still finds new ways to live and grow. The present number of cases in Mumbai are showing no respite in coming down and the latest Omicron variant is only spreading more like wildfire.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a dark shadow into our lives since 2020 and no one has any idea of how much longer this will last. Exercisingextreme caution at every step of every day has become the new normal, especially in Indian states where cases are rapidly increasing, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc.

Still, if you must shift to another location for job purposes, you must be 100% sure about your family members’ safety well before even planning the move. Relocating amidst the pandemic indicates the considerable risk of encountering several bearers of the COVID 19 virus, which will prove to be highly dangerous for elders & kids.


According to the WHO guidelines, the onlysafety measures that are saving everyone to a small extent are wearing masks properly, sanitizing hands, and maintaining social distance.

These exact measures must be taken at every step of the move, especially when there are old & young-aged family members who are highly prone to the virus. Hiring a team of experienced packers and movers in Mumbaiwill help you have a stress-free and safe shifting as they will take complete responsibility for the move from start to end.

Here are some important packing moving tips you must keep in mind when moving during the COVID-19 situation.

Research About Your New Locality

Be sure the place you are planning to shift is not coming under any containment zone or is not awfully close to one. Try to analyze the density of positive cases in that area before moving there and check if any precautionary measures have been taken by the govt for that area.

If yournew place falls in/near a containment zone, it will be better to reschedule the move to a later date and wait for the cases to reduce in that Mumbai locality.In this pandemic situation, ensuring personal and family safety, and making sure we live in a secure neighborhood is particularly important.

Hire Proficient Packers and Movers Firm

Get the complete packing and moving job done by experienced moving companies having the required knowledge and skills. They will arrange everything from packing supplies to packing to loading to transport to unloading and unpacking everything at your new house.

Make sure any 1 family member is the only person meeting with the movers and avoid any physical contact. Look for a moving company offering virtual quotes instead of in person. Before finalizing all the aspects of your moving process, use video chat or call to give your movers a rough sketch beforehand.

Prefer to Use Digital Methods

The more time you spend at home in this pandemic situation, the better because you do not have to mix with people, and you can maintain social distance. This is what our government wants. There is a huge change nowadays in the digital world. When everything has been stopped due to the lockdown situation, we are doing and are compelled to do everything online.

Instead of taking a house tour personally as it was done previously, you are advised to do the virtual home survey by video calls and discuss the estimate. You must avoid physical contact with people andstay indoors to preventvirus transmission.

Therefore, you can take a virtual tour of the place and try finishing the paper works and other procedures in digital forms. Carry out the meetings through mobile or video calls and clear your doubts. Ask your service provider to send the terms and conditions digitally and use the digital mode of payment for transactions.

Also, discuss and make sure about the cancellation policy in detail before you book the packers and movers in case you postpone your shifting plan. Thanks to the professional team of packers and movers, your shifting process will be done easier, safer, and stress-free.

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Thoroughly Deep Clean and Disinfect New House

‘Sanitize’ is the word of this pandemic era. Wherever you go, you will hear that you must sanitize your hand. Before moving into a new place, you must thoroughly clean the entire house and sanitize the place.

Not only will there be dirt and grime left behind by previous tenants but also have given enough time for insects, bacteria, and viruses to form their colonies in the empty house.

Additionally, you must sanitize the doorbell, the nobs, the keyring, the gloves, the handles, the windows, the furniture, the utensils, etc. Set aside a day or two if you plan to do it all by yourself, or you can contact a home sanitization service provider.

Maintain Social Distance during the Move

To pack your house stuff, you can hire packers and movers or do it yourself. But always maintain a minimum of six feet distance with the workers while packing, loading, and unloading things during relocation.

Wash and sanitize your hands frequently on a regular basis, and wear masks, gloves& face shields throughout the shifting process. Allot separate arrangements for the elderly & kids.

Concluding thoughts

Covid 19 is now the talk of the day. It has threatened the people of the entire world. Politics, economics, and social environment all are associated with Covid 19. We are now thinking about our existence and the future of the next generation.

But that doesn’t mean that the Covid-19 has stopped us from doing everything. Moving to a new house is always a new opportunity for a better life. So, you need to be incredibly careful when choosing your packers and movers in Mumbai. Check whether they are maintaining all the Covid-19 protocols properly or not. You also need to maintain all the safety measurements to avoid any spread. Make sure to follow the above tips and tell us if it helps.