Published On : Wed, Feb 5th, 2020

Beware! Boozing at home sans permit can get you arrested

Nagpur: It’s really a big deal now when you choose to booze, even at your home. Get your liquor permit or you may end up landing behind the bars. No, we are not saying this but the Excise Superintendent, Nagpur City, Pramod Sonone has this wise advice for all the tipplers in the town.

Sonone told Nagpur Today, “You need a liquor permit in the state to even use alcohol in your food or for the purpose of self-consumption. If you serve liquor to more than 10 people at a house party, without a liquor permit the consequences would include, seizing your liquor, or worse getting arrested.”

According to Sonone, people who drink, are required to comply with the norms of Maharashtra Excise Department. He told Nagpur Today that the department’s action is completely based on the complaints or inputs received, and clarified that “Excise Department don’t unnecessarily harass people for consuming alcohol within the comfort of their homes.”

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“You need to get a day’s license to serve alcohol at home for a party. And even if you don’t get, it’s alright as long as there are no complaints. But you definitely need a license when hosting a grand event and serving liquor at a terrace, lawn, building compound or any domestic premises. The cost of a license varies from Rs 3000 in rural areas to Rs 20,000 for commercial and for grand parties at home, the charge is Rs 10,000,” added the Superintendent.

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Online portal for transparency:

“The set-up of online portal had developed with an objective to enable a single window access to services being provided by the Maharashtra State Excise department. The ambitious initiative of K.B.Umap, Commissioner, Excise (State) focuses on availing citizen the services related to various licenses such as temporary function, licenses to do trade, sale and other manufacturing of liquor/its raw materials and many more. Besides, tracking the application status one can obtain licenses/permit online,” informed the Sonone.

“The portal has also a function to lodge an online complaint, were the identity of the complainant remains hidden. The complaints are under surveillance of the Commissioner which directs the compliant to respective superintendent of the region and enables action within 24 hours,” he added.

So if you want to host a party and serve liquor, then first approach the Excise Department’s area officer.

– Shubham Nagdeve