Published On : Fri, Aug 2nd, 2019

“You can Earn only when you Understand”- CA Rupam Bardia

“CA exams results are quite the same as share market expectations;you do your part of investing / studying but the results may not always match your expectations” said CA RupamBardia, while speaking as a Guest Speaker in a seminar for CA Students titled ‘Working of Exchanges and Basics of Share Market’ organized by Nagpur Branch of WICASA of ICAI.

The aim of this seminar was to equip CA articles and Students with the knowledge of technical terms used in financial market and how the share market and other exchanges works. There may be multiple options for a person to invest in market. CA RupamBardia remarked while referring to the Quote of Warren Buffet that “There are 2 rules of Investment – Rule No. 1 – Invest your money in the Financial Market and Rule no. 2 – Never forget the money you invested and keep a track on it”.

He further explained that Share Market and Actual market is quite different. He narrated the paradigm shift in today’s market scenario from retail stores to big malls / online markets / multinationals like Flipkart and Walmart. Gone are the days when shares were dealt manually and physically. Now online trading of shares and MF is being done. With technological advent taking over and scrutinizing by SEBI, investor protection and transparency in share transactions has become the word of the day.

CA Bardia explained in details about Initial Public offer, Further Public offer, Mutual Fund and other ways of buying shares in market. He said about his investment rule “Always do your own survey based on your understanding about the company which is the concept of valuation of shares rather on relying on tips and tricks given by agencies”.What has gone has gone and has become past. Set your eyes for future and plan properly to invest, he remarked.

One who understands and interprets properly would make good fortune in future, said CA. Sanjay M. Agrawal,Chairman of Nagpur Branch of WICASA. Chartered Accountants are considered to be the doctors of financial intelligence and thus the clients expect solutions for all their issues from them.

To make a CA Student quipped with all latest updates, WICASA is continuously planning such student development programmes. In fact to make them understand practically, WICASA Nagpur has organized a visit to NSE Mumbai and SEBI Office to understand and visualize the system better. He mentioned that CA students are fully capable of working and understanding the shares and its market very well.

It was a jam packed session with more than 80 CA Aspirants. Prominently present on the occasion were CA Harish Rangwani, Executive Member, Nagpur Branch of ICAI. The seminar was ably conducted by WICASA Team comprising of Ayush Gupta,AditiPacheriwala, Riddhi Kothari,VaidikSakoniya,Ayushi Agrawal and KrunalDhabale and

R. Aishwarya.