Published On : Fri, Jun 25th, 2021

Yoga is a way to balance body, mind and emotions – Dr. Praveen Dabli

– Organizing ‘Dialogue’ International Yoga Class

Nagpur. Dr. Praveen Dabli, a naturopath and yoga therapist, said in a yoga session organized by the International Yoga Class on the occasion of International Yoga Day that yoga is a way to balance the body, mind and emotions. Expressed. He appealed to yoga seekers to make yoga a part of their daily life.Yoga is a life science. It has a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effect on our personality.

Dr. Praveen Dabli practiced yoga and pranayama in a very beautiful way. He gave guidance in a simple, easy, straightforward language that can be understood by everyone in a very scientific way, subtly and slowly. He also gave detailed information on physical ailments in daily life. His class will surely be remembered. All the yoga seekers were satisfied with his class and guidance and requested him to take the next class as well.

On this occasion, Dr. Praveen Dabli also addressed the doubts of the yoga seekers very appropriately. The event was attended by 97 yoga practitioners, online. At least 700 yoga seekers will benefit from this.

Dr. Praveen Dabli was honored online by Raju Dange of Samvad Sanstha. He also thanked all the yogis. Raju Dange also thanked the yoga seekers for expanding this class. Any citizen can become a member of this yoga class, challenged yoga instructor Raju Dange on the occasion.

Dialogue This international yoga class has a total of 700 members at home and abroad. Along with yoga pranayama, various activities are carried out in this class to develop latent qualities in personality development. So this yoga class has become the focal point of attraction. This class is being appreciated everywhere in the masses. Recently, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, guidance of various international experts was also taken in this class.