Published On : Tue, May 8th, 2018

Yearly increment of 22 ZP employees who went on foreign jaunt may be cancelled

Dr Kadambari Balkawde

Nagpur: Monetary loss stares the faces of 22 Zilla Parishad employees who went on a foreign jaunt without necessary permission. One year increment of these 22 ZP employees is likely to be cancelled. The employees who left the country without permission have been indicated to deduct one increment as a punishment.

Every year at the end of March, employees of Zilla Parishad have been travelling to different destinations. This year, a team of 22 employees went to Bangkok. However, an inquiry was ordered and it was found that not a single employee took the permission of the department head before leaving the country. Although the department head was aware about plan of employees going on an international tour. Many shocking facts can be exposed through a thorough investigation of the foreign trip. A “sweet relation” between the staff and the contractors that go abroad is being reported.

7 employees, including two peons of the construction work, went on a foreign trip. A contractor whose license was recently terminated also joined these employees on a foreign trip.

The inquiry report of the employees has been submitted to the CEO and report of employees of other departments is also being submitted. CEO Dr Kadambari Balkawade said that the action of disciplinary infringement against employees has been done. Although it is not clear what action will be taken, but departmental investigation will be held.

The possibility of flushing the officials cannot be denied in this case. In such a situation, information about the attempt to suppress the case by stopping the one-year increment of employees has come from sources.