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    Published On : Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013

    World Zero-Emission Day Observed in LIT

    Prof. T.B. Chahande, Prof. S.U. Meshram and student volunteers at World Zero-Emission Day Campaign

    Prof. T.B. Chahande, Prof. S.U. Meshram and student volunteers at World Zero-Emission Day Campaign

    Nagpur News: Ever heard of ZeDay? Well, it is the ‘World Zero-Emission Day’, which is celebrated around the world on 21st of September every year. The festivals of English origin are increasingly being adapted by the Indians nowadays. But still, the people here were barely aware of existence of such a special and noble day.

    The ISSAC members, under the guidance of Director-in-charge and encouraging teaching staff realised the importance of this day, and organised it in the college campus this year too. On this occasion, no vehicles except the non-polluting ones were led into the college campus and the students themselves traversed the whole required distance walking. This day really was a proud day for the people related to Laxminarayan Institute of Technology.

    The Laxminarayan Institute of Technology is situated six kilometers from the main Nagpur railway station.

    PLACE: The Laxminarayan Institute of Technology.

    DAY, TIME: 21/09/2013, Saturday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.


    NUMBER OF ENTRY AND EXIT POINTS TO THE CAMPUS: One entry and one exit gate.

    NO OF GUARDS ON EACH GATE: 2 guards on each gate.


    • Parking of college vehicles outside the campus gate.
    • Denying permission to private vehicles to pass through the college road.

    Through this, keeping the campus eco-friendly and safe remains the main agenda.

    PARKING ARRANGEMENTS: At the base of the hill, at the entrance gate covering over a 71sqmt of area.

    VEHICLE TYPES AND THEIR NUMBER: Mopeds/Bikes: 356, Cars: 26.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Through the following data and math the total petrol saved amounted to 15.52 liters in one day.

    1) Mopeds/ Bikes = 356 in number, average=40, petrol saved for 1.5 km=13.35 liters.

    2) Cars=26, average=18, petrol saved for 1.5 km=2.17 liters.

    Thus, total petrol saved= 15.52 liters.

    One liter petrol emits 2.331kg of carbon dioxide.

    Therefore, total carbon dioxide emission barred=36.178 kg.

    One liter petrol after burning gives 0.44kg of carbon in the exhaust. Thus total carbon barred=6.823kg.

    Also, 1 liter=34920 KJ.

    And total energy saved in one day=532.181 MJ.


    • Make permanent parking arrangements at the base of the hill
    • To deny permission to any vehicles to enter the college premises.

    To forbid entry to any unauthorized vehicles within the campus boundaries.

    Increase awareness among students to make more use of the public transport facilities, to start with the concepts like car pooling.

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