Published On : Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

Woman with minor daughter & daughter’s lover planned hubby’s murder

Nagpur News.

Three days after killing her husband, woman walked into Kanhan police station to file a missing complaint. However, her plain and emotionless face and thorough interrogation by police landed her in trouble when she confessed the crime.

Accused Lalita Salame told police that she was irritated of her husband Nandkishore’s nagging and strict nature and thus planned his murder with her 16-year-old daughter, her daughter’s lover, Vishal Mehta, 19 and other friend Sachin Wadibhasme, 22, both residents of Rai Nagar, Kanhan. All accused has been arrested by police.

Deceased Nandkishore, 45, a resident of Kandri, Kanhan, was a carpenter. Besides accused wife and elder daughter, he leaves behind three younger daughters. Police informed that two daughter’s stay at Advisai Ashram for schooling while the fourth one would stay with the couple.

Lalita with her daughter and two others had thrown the body into a lake formed at WCL open area in Kanhan. However, police has been searching for the body from last four days but have failed to do so.

Police told that all four accused had killed Salame on April 16. He informed that as described by the relatives, Lalita is learnt to have many extra marital affairs and is infamous for her loose character.

“We came to know that Salame’s younger daughter was also following her mother’s steps. Many times Salame had seen her daughter roaming with Mehta and had warned her and Lalita to keep watch on her,” told police.

Lalita told police that she was peeved off Salame’s strictness and his restrictions. As per their plan, Lalita called Salame on April 16 and informed him that she has seen their daughter with Mehta near WCL open area. While Salame immediately left to WCl open area to catch her daughter, Lalita too reached the spot. Mehta, his daughter and Wadibhasme were already present at the spot. After a long argument, Mehta and Wadibhasme stabbed him to death and later threw into the Lake.

Cops informed that after killing Salame, Lalita had been to Parseoni to attend a Yatra.  However after two days, Mehta and Wadibhasme had gone to check at the crime spot and found Salame’s body floating. Later again to hide the crime, Wadibhasme tied heavy stones and materials with the body and threw at the centre of the Lake which is very deep and has quagmire.

The murder came to light when Lalita walked to file missing complaint on April 19.  From past four days police have been trying their best effort to find the body.