Published On : Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

Woman shot dead at Multai case cracked: Husband plotted wife’s murder to get Insurance amount

Woman shot dead at Multai case cracked: Husband plotted wife’s murder to get Insurance amount,Given contract killing in Rs 5 lakhs

Nagpur News : Within sixteen hours after a city woman Harshali Amargade was shot dead in Multai on Saturday night, Betul police in co-ordination with city’s Nandanwan police and rural traffic police cracked the case with the arrest of her husband Nitesh, who confessed of plotting the murder plan.

Nitesh revealed that he had planned the murder to get the life insurance policy amount of his wife and other benefits of her government job.

Harshali, 24, was posted as clerk a Katol railway station while Nitesh is a central railway employee. Just two years has passed for the couple’s marriage and have a 14-month-old son Shreyans.

Besides Nitesh, two shooters from Padole Nagar in Nagpur- Shravan Yadav, 27 and Ajay Yadav, 25, whom the contract was given, were also arrested from Wathoda area by a police team headed by rural traffic PI Jameel Ahemd on Sunday night.

On Saturday afternoon, Nitesh had left his Ajni railway quarters residence with his mother and took Harshali, Shreyans and a close relative from Katol. Nitesh told the family that he is taking them to a goddess temple in Dhamangaon.

While on their way, two masked youths on their bike had stopped Amargade’s four-wheeler in a dense jungle area of Somgarh in Multai. As planned, they first looted valuables, cash and mobiles from them and shoot Harshali on heart, killing her on the spot. The youths also shoot Nitesh on his right hand before fleeing.

“It was all planned. He had told them to shot him on his hand only to confuse cops but failed,” said Choudhary Madan Moham Samar, senior police inspector of Betul. He informed that Nitesh with the shooters had done a recce of the spot twice.

“As per the plan, they had marked two spots for the attack. Nitesh had told them that if the first planned-near the railway track- failed they will follow them to the second spot-jungle of Somgarh,” said Samar.

Police said that Nitesh had given 7.22mm pistol to the shooter. He had brought the pistol around three years before from Shravan Yadav.

Last year, Nitesh had duped Rs 15 lakhs from many people under the pretext of providing them job in railways. Since then, he was burdened of debt. It was learnt that Nitesh had many affairs in the past and recently he was having an illicit relationship with an Indore girl, whom he wish to marry.

SP Betul Lalit Shakyavar said, “The shooter-Shravan and Ajay, both hails from Dewaria district of Uttar Pradesh. Nitesh had paid them Rs 4 lakh. But later the amount was increased by 2 lakhs and Nitesh also instructed them to kill one of the other women to make the incident look more realistic.”

Just six months before, Nitesh had started a life insurance policy and paid Rs3000 per month as instalments in the name of his wife, and he made himself a nominee,” Shakyavar told Nagpur Today.

During investigations, police had noticed many loos ends in the story raising doubt on Nitesh. On thorough interrogation, he confessed the murder plan.

“We have also recovered Rs18.98 lakh from the accused. Out of this Rs14 lakh was recovered from Nitesh and Rs4.98 lakh from the shooters,” Shakyavar said.