Published On : Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

Woman delivers baby in train, baby dies in an hour

Nagpur News : The senior citizens travelling in the Chennai Egmore express might have helped a 24-year-old woman to deliver a baby in the train. However, the happiness lasted only for an hour after the new born baby couldn’t survive due to lack of proper medical aid.

The incident took place on early Wednesday morning in Chennai Egmore Express. Ranju Devi Chandrawasi was travelling with her husband Sonu Kumar from Chennai to Gaya in Sleeper coach. While the train was an hour away from reaching Nagpur station, Ranju got her labour pains. Women passengers including few senior citizens travelling in the same coach helped her to deliver the baby. Ranju give birth to a baby girl but before the train could reach Nagpur, the child breathed her last.

Passengers informed that there was no medical aid provided in the train. As soon as the train reached central railway station, Ranju, mother of 2-year-old son, was rushed to Mayo hospital while the baby was declared dead. It was learnt that this is the second time Ranju lost her baby in an hour after her delivery.