Published On : Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

Will write a new Victory story in South West Nagpur, says Prafull Gudadhe Patil



Nagpur: ” This is my home constituency, my father’s ‘karmabhoomi’. I have been an active Corporator here, winning every election with larger majority…

I am confident of victory in the Vidhan Sabha too” says a very self assured Prafull Gudadhe when he met Nagpur Today for an exclusive interview at 7.30 a.m. at his house in Jaitala.

The house atop a small hill at the far end of Jaitala had a huge Congress “tiranga” flag flying over it and a large battalion of vehicles with Mr. Gudadhe’s life size cut outs adorned on them. This, along with the large number of workers raring to go, made it look like a veritable fort that is geared up for a significant battle. And that is what it is for this Congress candidate – a decisive battle to recapture lost ground. His father, Mr. Vinod Gudadhe Patil has been two time MLA from this area, before the BJP, whom he represented handed over this constituency to Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

“What has Mr. Fadnavis done for this constituency in 15 years?” Questions Prafull Gudhade. “He is not even seen here once elections are over; people whom he is supposed to represent have to look at him on their TV sets, spending time in Mumbai or Delhi.”

Speaking about his campaign for the local populace, Mr. Gadhade says he has been active in taking up the cause of the MIHAN affected farmers and villagers who have lost their lands and their homes without getting adequate compensation.

‘The SEZ, when it comes up will benefit big industrialists and the educated But what about the poor people it would have displaced?” He questions.

DSC04761Mr. Gadhade has also been representing the slum and basti dwellers in their fight for ‘malaki hakka patte’ which legally should belong to them. The Manish Nagar Railway crossing is another issue he is fighting for.
‘This is not to say I have been neglecting the issues of shop keepers, traders and small businessmen. I will try my best to get LBT abolished” said Prafull Gudhade.’If this is a straight fight between me and the BJP here, I have my body of work to speak for me. People recognize that. “So will this area turn up a surprise result that could stun the whole state ? Everyone’s eyes are turned towards this race which earlier everyone had assumed to be a one-horse affair

….Sunita Mudaliar