Published On : Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

Dr Nitin Raut’s rally at Kasturba Nagar filled with events on the move

DSC_1263Nagpur: As Dr Nitin Raut celebrates his birthday on October 9, 2014, he started his rally from his house at 8:30 am. He started his Padhyatra (walking campaign) from Kasturba Nagar. At almost every square, fire-crackers were burst and people whether poor or rich, came with bouquets and garlands, wished him and greeted him on his birthday.

At one square in Kasturba Nagar the slum-dwellers and the residents of the area had arranged a Birthday Cake right on the road, gathered around him and sang the Birthday song and asked him to cut the cake.

While the drums played the tunes of “Sandhal” (a popular rhythm of Nagpur), some of the youngsters even danced. General Secretary of Nagpur City District Congress Committee Kamlesh Samarth and Executive member of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce Raju Vyas arrived at the spot to hand over a bouquet and wish Dr Nitin Raut on his birthday.

DSC_1302However, Dr Nitin Raut chose to visit the family of one of deceased former corporator of the area called Nilesh Shinde. He went and offered condolence to the bereaved family. Before going to the house, he asked all the fellow campaigners not to accompany him.

While traversing one of the roads, another reputed person of the area named Vijay Kumar Kewalramani gave a bouquet and a gift while wishing him a very Happy Birthday.


Nitin Raut displays popularity in his constituency

DSC_1287October 9, 2014: A very visibly fatigued Congress candidate from North Nagpur Dr Nitin Raut started his rally from the Ambedkar Smarak at 10 am. After Dr Nitin Raut paid his respects by offering floral tributes to the monument, he offered a small prayer too.

After getting down from near the pedestal, people surrounded him, someone promptly placed a blue cap (with Jai Bheem printed on it) on his head. He was garlanded and then he started off walking through the slum areas of Lashkaribagh.

On the way, some officials of Election Commission requested him to sign documents of Model Code of Conduct. He signed the documents and proceeded on his walking campaign. Dr Wahane and his wife crossed the road and greeted him.

Just then Dr Nitin Raut noticed a funeral vehicle approaching on the road. He immediately asked the drummers to stop the drums and the loud-speakers. He in a very dignified manner approached the funeral and offered floral respects to the deceased.

After that he continued walking and only after a significant distance did he permit the drums and the speakers to canvas. Everywhere he went he was greeted by young and old alike. He knew many of them by name. Some old ladies fell at his feet to seek blessing as a mark of respect. He too did the same to some very elderly people. He also garlanded a differently abled man on tri-cycle who was dumbfounded by the show of respect by a great leader.

At some of the smaller squares in the small hutments, people showered him with rose petals.

He visited the Corporator of the area Sandeep P Sahare. He passed through the Dhammadeep Buddha Vihar at Lashkaribagh Colony.  The genuine love and affection shown on Dr Nitin Raut was visible in the way people were showering rose petals and garlanding him. He acknowledged most of them by calling them Kaka, Kaku, Maushi, Tai, Bhau etc. Some he even called by name