Published On : Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

Will Dadagiri of Khakhi Vardi ever stop?

Nagpur: The rowdiness on the part of Nagpur city police has once again come to the fore in which a family is required to suffer at the cost of negligence of a youth. In this incident, the abuse hurled at police by a journalist carried more weight than the critical condition of seriously injured in a serious accident.

As reported on June 24, a youth talking on his mobile phone was crossing the road at the beginning of Sitabuldi Gowari overbridge, near Morris crossing point. Meanwhile, a bike-rider carrying his wife and a 18-month old baby on-bike was climbing the Gowari over-bridge (from Morris crossing point). The speed of the bike and the speed of the youth crossing the road got intermixed. While the youth escaped any injury, the bike-rider fell down head-long on the middle of road, receiving serious injuries on his face and head, bleeding profusely. His panic-ridden wife with her child crying in arms started yelling for help. Showing human courtesy, a journalist of local GTPL channel, Sunny Bhongade, rushed to help the family. Holding the crying child in his arms, he urged the passing-by auto-drivers for help, but no one stopped for help.

In the mean time, two policemen riding two-wheeler happened to pass by, but they too stopped for a while to watch the tragic scene. The journalist then carried the child to them and asked for help, but both the policemen, under the pretext of the occurrence not falling under their jurisdiction, pushed the journalist aside and drove away. Somehow, a gentleman came to help and gave lift to the injured and his family in his car and straightaway drove them to Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Sitabuldi.

After sometime, PSI Raut from Sitabuldi police station reached the spot with his team amidst the gathering of people. When informed by the public how the two policemen showed dereliction to duty seeing the injured family needing help, he (PSI) condemned them with harsh words. But when the similar harsh words (abusive) were used by the journalist against those derelicting policemen, the policeman (PSI) could not bear the abuses hurled at police by a civilian (journalist), and pulled the journalist aside by gripping his collars and threatened him of his life for abusing to police. However, the public intervened and the situation was pacified.

On the other hand, the condition of the injured is said to be so critical that the doctors of Lata Mangeshkar hospital have referred the case to Government Medical College and Hospital while the child is under treatment at a private hospital in Dhantoli. The said incident speaks of dereliction of duty on the part of police personnel and their rowdy behaviour with public.