Published On : Thu, Jul 18th, 2019

Wild pigeon trapped in nylon manja atop HT cable rescued by two alert youths

Nagpur: A wild pigeon, entangled in nylon manja between a high tension power cable and a Neem tree was rescued by two alert youths with the help of Fire Brigade personnel. The incident took place at Telecom Nagar in city on Tuesday evening.

It all happened when the high-flying wild pigeon got trapped in the nylon manja dangling between a high tension power cable and a Neem tree, at the height of 30-35 feet, around 5.30 pm on Tuesday. The bird struggled to free itself from the deadly manja. But more it tried to get free, more it got entangled in the manja web. The bird was obviously writhing in pain and probably lost of hope of coming alive from the perilous situation. Several passersby witnessed the struggle of the wild pigeon but nobody thought of coming forward and rescuing the bird. But all was not finished.

When the news of the bird trapped in nylon manja reached two residents – Siddhesh Najpande and Sachin Dravekar – they immediately rushed to the spot. Initially both tried to rescue the bird by climbing a nearby tree and with the help of a bamboo. But their one hour effort did not bear fruit. Since the bird was trapped atop a high tension cable, Siddhesh and Sachin decided to summon NMC’s Fire Brigade and MSEDCL personnel.

A Fire Brigade team from Narendra Nagar Station reached the spot within moments. The Fire Brigade team comprising Dattatray Bhokre, Ashu Admane, Sopan Shembekar and Rishikesh Hadke with the help of Siddhesh Najpande, Sachin Dravekar adopted various ways to rescue the pigeon. They finally succeeded in their mission with old age remedy – a girgot. On being rescued, the team noticed the wild pigeon’s wings and neck entangled in the nylon manja in such a deadly magnitude that a delay of some minutes would have proved fatal for the beautiful bird. The pigeon was treated and then released to the freedom.