Published On : Sat, Nov 3rd, 2012

Wife, in-laws booked for man’s suicide

Nagpur News: Almost a month after a man’s suicide, Jaripatka police booked his wife and in-laws for abetment of his suicide.

Sukhdeve, 36-year-old, had hanged himself at his Bhandar Moholla residence in Indora on October 10.

Jaimala Sukhdeve, Ratnamala Chavhan, Virendra Ramteke and Rajesh Meshram would torture and harasse Yuvraj Sukhdeve that forced him to end his life.

Sukhdeve’s father, Vyankat claimed that Jaimala and her family members would often file wrong and fake complaint of harassment and torture against Sukhdeve. Due to such false complaints, Sukhdeve has to suffer a lot. Hence, depressed by the regular torture, he committed suicide.

Police has not yet arrested any of the four booked in the case.