Published On : Thu, Mar 25th, 2021

Why Is Mobile Gaming One of the Most Popular Industries in India?


The Indian gaming industry has established strong roots in the Indian entertainment industry. Mobile gaming is emerging as the most popular segment within the gaming industry. The pandemic has only helped accelerate the increasing popularity of the industry. According to the report ‘The Power of Mobile Gaming in India,’ India is amongst 5 of the top mobile gaming markets globally.

According to estimates, the popularity of mobile gaming is on the rise in India, with 3 out of 4 Indian mobile gaming players enjoying mobile games a minimum of twice a day.

Various factors are aiding the growth of the mobile gaming industry in India. Let’s look at these reasons and understand why mobile gaming is one of India’s most popular sectors.

Eight reasons why the Indian mobile gaming industry is witnessing gaining popularity:

1) Young demographic of the country

India is a young market. Over 75% of India’s population is below the age of 45. It is also the largest potential market for the online gaming industry in terms of volume. The wave of rural urbanization and digitalization has further fueled the growth of the sector. Young people have a higher tendency to play online games, especially on their smartphones –

Over 50% of India’s population is under 25 – the same user base is reflected in the players, and 60% of the nation’s gamers are under 25.

The mobile gaming industry in India has had a boom in the past few years, forcing game developers to change their strategy and focus. Even from other countries, many game developers are making games meant primarily for Indian mobile users now. India is growing as a preferred market for mobile game developers. The boom in India’s smartphone market is providing a significant boost to the country’s mobile gaming industry. India has recently surpassed even the United States to become the second-largest smartphone market in the world!

2) Number of active internet users

With over 560 million internet users, India is one of the world’s largest internet consumers – coming second only to China. The cheap and easy access to the internet, even in rural areas, has opened up the world of mobile gaming to a massive pool of potential players. Players that previously had no access to the gaming world because of the monetary issue are now an active part of this ecosystem. It is estimated that by 2023 the number of internet users in the country will increase to 690 million.

3) Mobile gaming is the front-runner

With the availability of high-speed 4G data connection at cheap rates, the mobile gaming market is in the front run. The boom of the cellphone market is another reason behind the popularity of the mobile gaming industry. India has surpassed the USA to become the second-largest smartphone market in the world. All this put together has increased the popularity of the mobile gaming industry. In the first nine months of the pandemic, India became the number one spot in mobile game downloads worldwide. With a record of 7.3 billion installations of mobile games according to data by SensorTower.

Mobile gaming is growing 15% year-on-year thanks to affordable smartphones, using which you can easily access websites like and enjoy a reliable online casino in India.

4) Traditional Indian games going online

The game developers are understanding data and creating digital versions of the games that Indian players have enjoyed throughout the centuries. Games like Indian Rummy and teen patti are enjoying massive popularity amongst Indian players.

5) Localization of content according to user insight

Another reason behind the popularity of the mobile gaming industry is the localization of content. Games based on Indian geography and storytelling are gaining popularity. Game developers are developing games specifically for the Indian market – keeping the Indian taste in mind.

6) Normalization of online digital payment methods

Another reason why the mobile gaming industry is on the run is the widespread use of digital payment methods. Thanks to the boost in the e-commerce sector, digital payments are quite popular within the Indian market. This trust in online payment methods has increased spending on mobile games.

7) The chance of being social while being isolated

The pandemic had everyone locked into their homes. This left people alone in their homes with a lot of time to kill. With the prerequisite of isolation – multiplayer games paved the way for being social even in isolation. Thanks to fast data and cheap smartphones – multiplayer games and live game tournaments gained increasing popularity.

8) The rise of casual gamers

The rise of casual gamer in the Indian market as a separate entity from the serious gamer has led to an influx of different demographics into mobile gaming in India. Although casual gamers are more likely to play free games and less likely to make any in-app purchases, they tend to spend hours and hours playing mobile games, boosting the advertising revenue of the gaming industry.


The popularity of the industry is only expected to rise further. The gaming and gambling industry is witnessing a boom as more and more players are trusting online websites and are putting their money on them.