Published On : Thu, Mar 25th, 2021

Why mobile phones are so popular among teenagers

We do not doubt the necessity of mobile phones today, their impact can really be measured by their influence particularly on young adults and teens. As per the survey done by Pew Internet & American Life Project, teenagers ageing between 12-17 are the major users of mobile phones, more than any other age group.

No doubt, owning a mobile phone comes with certain benefits. Owning a mobile phone is considered a status symbol by some youngsters, or they think of themselves as sophisticated by owning the latest mobile model or technology.

Greater access and self-dependence

45% of teens partaking in the survey admitted that they are online almost all the time, as mobile phones give them access to play video games, interact with their virtual social circle, and scroll through their social media feed.

By the use of mobile phones, teens also feel self-dependent as they can complete small tasks without being dependent on their parents. Mobile phones have also been proven to be helpful tools when it comes to education, especially during COVID, when teachers as well as students had to make a transition to a completely virtual world. But even before COVID, teenagers in many parts of the world used mobile phones to get the education they wanted. For example, many math test apps help students to solve puzzles and math problems, making them proficient in the subject.

 More at ease

It is also a fact that individuals, who are in their twenties or thirties, faced difficulty adapting to a new social environment when they were teens. However, now, teens with the usage of mobile phones ease into new social situations fairly easily. Because of mobile devices, kids and teens today are more technologically advanced, and can find solutions to situations which would have otherwise been difficult.

Admittedly, mobile phones can be an expensive deal for parents, as teens demand the latest model with the latest technology. We also compared a few economical mobile phone options, and we found some of the best mobile phones under 15000 INR, like Redmi 9 Power, which comes with a powerful 5000 mAh battery. Long-lasting battery helps in operating the mobile phone for a longer period, without worrying about charging it. Moreover, it also comes with a 4GB RAM which allows you to perform multiple tasks easily, 64GB internal storage, which helps you to store your files and data, and a quad-rear camera set-up.

It is suggested that parents look for important features like battery, storage, RAM, processor, and cameras while making the purchase. Ideally, you should buy phones with more than 5000 mAh battery mobiles capacity, around 4GB RAM, and with at least 64GB internal storage.

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