Published On : Tue, Apr 27th, 2021

Why Has Teen Patti Become Such A Popular Real Money Online Game In India?


Card games have been popular in the Indian subcontinent for a long time. Teen Patti has enjoyeda good deal of popularity in India for a long time.

Popularly played by Indian families during family get-togethers and festivals, Teen Patti can be defined as the desi version of Poker. Off late, the Indian audience has developed a keen interest in the game. This peaking interest is evident from the rising popularity of Teen Patti even today. And there are quite a few reasons behind its popularity.

Why has Teen Patti become such a hit in the country?

Easy and simple

Online gambling is mainly about strategies and little about luck, where the game of Teen Patti comes as a refresher. For starters, it has simple rules and is relatively easy to play. The game involves all the 52 card deck except the jokers, and the deck is shuffled after each round. The player’s objective in this game is to have a stronger hand than the dealer. Each hand would involve the players, and the dealer gets three cards from the deck; whoever has higher cards wins the game. You can practice some mock Teen Patti games online before investing real money in them.

It’s all about luck, and skill

Teen Patti is a game where your luck decides your chances of winning, and skills have no role to play. You might require a few skills for optimal gaming, but it mostly depends on the chances. Thus, while playing Teen Patti cash, players need not stand on their toes every time; they can sit back and relax, allowing their luck to do the rest of the job for them. It is all about the right chances.

Interesting variations

Players can get bored playing the same online casino games every day, but not with Teen Patti, as it comes with many variations. With the rules being intact, the variations help in making the game more exciting and entertaining. There are a set of rules for each variation like AK47, Revolving Joker, etc., and players have an increased chance of winning as they experienced the new and action-packed variants of the popular Teen Patti.

Greater benefits

Online casinos need fewer costs to manage, and hence they share more of their profits with their customers in the form of bonuses. However, for that, players will need to choose the online casino companies. As a player, you can expect a set of benefits of genuine online casinos, like welcome bonuses, which would initially help you adapt to the online casino environment. Playing low-investment games like Teen Patti will help you get used to the surroundings, and you will not have a fear of losing a lot of money in the process.


Apart from these, Teen Patti is a fast and seamless game that also attracts players across age groups. And depending on the online gambling laws in your state, you can also start playing online Teen Patti on or off-shore today!