Published On : Thu, Apr 23rd, 2020

Why Gaming is Becoming a Leading Form of Entertainment in India

There is no doubt that gaming has become a major player in the global entertainment industry. There are several reasons why this has happened, including the fact that game designers have adopted some of the techniques used in TV and film, such as episodic story development. Game design technology has also advanced significantly in recent years.

As reported in research by Betway, this has led to titles like Grand Theft Auto V taking more income than box office hits like Avengers:Endgame. In line with the situation globally, the gaming industry in India has experienced a significant amount of growth. According to Statista, in 2018, gaming revenue in the country was around 44 billion Indian rupees and it’s expected to reach 120 billion rupees by 2023. However, gaming still has some way to go in order to threaten the dominance of the film industry.

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Dominance of the film industry in India

There is something special about the Indian film industry. It has a glitz and glamour all of its own. The country is especially renowned for the centre of its film industry “Bollywood”, which is based in the city of Mumbai. Although, there are other film hubs across India, including  Marathi cinema, Bhojpuri cinema and Bengali cinema.


The fact is that the industry as a whole is a major money making machine. It’s overall value is estimated at around 183.2 billion rupees and box office revenue is estimated at around 123.7 billion rupees. Despite the dominance of the Indian film industry, there is no doubt that gaming is starting to become a major player in the entertainment scene in the country.

Rise of the Indian gaming industry

There are several reasons why the Indian gaming industry is experiencing significant growth.


  • Levels of available consumer income have increased.


  • Gaming technologies have advanced.


  • The wish for individuals to have a form of escapism has become more prevalent.


  • There is a large youth population of more than 350 million in the country.


The growth of  appetite for gaming in India has led to more opportunities in the industry. Game design has become a popular career choice. Playing games has also become a potentially profitable enterprise.


Professional Indian gamers can potentially earn between 5,000 and 45,000 rupees per month, if they sign with a successful e-sports company. There is a very real opportunity for the best gamers to make a career from this form of entertainment.


Gaming may not have taken over the world of entertainment in India yet but it’s certainly becoming a major form of entertainment in the country. It’s share of the sector only seems likely to continue to increase as the popularity of gaming continues to grow; especially in the young section of the population.