Published On : Wed, May 25th, 2016

Why Arijit is pleading before Salman to retain his song in Sultan?

salman Arijit
Hell broke loose when Arijit Singh publicly apologised to Salman Khan on Facebook last night. Not caring a damn about his self respect, the ace singer unexpectedly went out to write a lengthy sorry note to Salman, begging for forgiveness. In fact, he even spoke about his deleted Sultan song saying, “No problem I apologize here in front of everyone but please it is a request please do not remove the song that I sang for you in Sultan. You want anyone else to sing this song, absolutely fine but keep a version at least. I have sung enough songs sir. But I want to retire with at least one song of you keeping in my library. Please do not take away this feeling.”

Although Arijit deleted the above post within a matter of few minutes. But it was enough to get everyone speculating as to what is this fallout between Arijit and Salman all about. Why he is apologising? Why has Salman banned Arijit from all his films? Well, maybe the debate is far from dying but this video might give all the answers to your above questions.

Yes! It’s the same controversial video when Arijit insulted Salman at an awards show back in 2013 saying, “Kya sir sula diya aapne?” Obviously it looked more like a fun banter between the two but turns out Salman was not a tad pleased about Arijit’s insulting behavior and decided to ban him from his films, ever since. Not to forget, our source exclusively reveals to us that even now after reading Arijit’s apology note,Salman has no sympathy for the singer and is firm over never forgiving him.