Published On : Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

When cops get conned by tricksters

Cop looted of Rs 2.35 lakhs under the garb of investing in shares

PI Arun Mali copy

Audacity and daring of criminals and tricksters seems to be on the rise every-day. A trickster duped a police officer of Gittikhadan Police Station to the sum of Rs two lakhs thirty five thousand under the garb of investing in Bank of India shares. The accused has been identified as Parag Raut aged 30 years.

According to police sources, Police Inspector Arun Mali aged 57 years and a resident of Police Officers’ Quarters in Police Line Takli, was duped of Rs two lakhs thirty five thousand by the trickster Parag Raut in a period between April 2014 to December 24, 2014.

The accused Parag Raut convinced PI Arun Mali and tempted him saying that the shares of Bank of India is favourable to buy now and PI Mali will have to invest Rs two lakhs thirty five thousand. PI Arun Mali got convinced and tempted by the good offer and he transferred the said amount from Axis Bank, Laid Garden Branch in Pune to the account of the accused in Nagpur.

However, when the accused did not open a trading account in the name of PI Arun Mali, he registered a case against the accused in Gittikhadan Police Station. The Gittikhadan Police has registered a case of cheating against the accused Parag Raut.

Sources added that this is not the first case. Many police officials have been trapped and conned by tricksters. The accused Parag Raut has allegedly conned many other police officials on previous occasions too. His modus operandi is almost similar in all the cases, when he lays a fancy trap full of temptation of easy and fast money in less period and cons cops.

The ironical situation here is that, whenever there is a criminal offence registered by any victim, especially when they have been duped of huge sums of money by some conman, the police official registering the complaint asks them, are they not aware of the way hundreds of people have been duped by various tricksters in the city, even then, why did they invest of get trapped by this particular trickster?. However, when those very cops get conned, what should that be considered as, sheer stupidity???

This accused has succeeded in conning many police officers of the city. The accused Parag Raut is said to be a resident of Gittikhadan area has managed to con many police officers without the fear of the law. It could also be mentioned here that Police Inspector Arun Mali was suspended because he was allegedly caught red-handed accepting bribe.

Sources added that this clever accused has duped police officers from Nandanwan, Lakhadganj, Sadar, Sakkardara and 2 officials of Gittikhadan Police Stations to the tune of lakhs of rupees. Almost all the police officials were duped with the temptation of favourable rates of Bank of India shares.

However, this accused has finally landed behind bars and is presently cooling his heels in the custody of Gittikhadan Police Station. Many police officers have allegedly not registered a case against the accused out of shame, that they have been conned.

However, this is the first time when a daring criminal has succeeded in teaching the law-enforcers to be careful with their money.