Published On : Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

Role of Mandhan Motors Co in the Rs 30 lakh Canara Bank fraud comes under ‘dark’ cloud?


The reported defrauding of Canara Bank to the tune of Rs 30 lakh in the name of purchasing a high-end car has baffled the banking sector and the experts as well. Apart from the nefarious designs of the accused Suraj Thakre aimed at defrauding the bank the role of the ‘non-existent’ car dealer Mandhan Motors Company has come under the dark cloud. In fact, according to sources, the car dealer could be the mastermind behind the high-profile fraud given the circumstances in which the alleged crime was committed.

According to reports, the forgery was allegedly done in the name of buying a BMW X6 luxury car. Sitabuldi police have registered an offence against accused Suraj Thakre and Mandhan Motors Company, which actually does not exist, upon the complaint of bank manager Padujpurti Chandrashekhar. The fraud has been reportedly committed during the period between September 5, 2013 and December 14, 2014. Police sources said the bank manager Padujpurti Chandrashekhar, 54, resident of Shruti Apartments, KT Nagar on Katol Raod informed that the accused Suraj Thakre and Mandhan Motors Company has forged with Canara Bank. As per the complaint lodged by him, Thakre got the loan of Rs 30 lakh approved from Canara Bank branch located at modi no. 3 in Sitabuldi. The accused made a demand draft of Rs 30 lakh in the name of Mandhan Motors, which was handed over to Thakre. Neither Suraj bought the car, nor did he pay back the loan. Police sources however came up with interesting information which revealed that there is no such showroom of BMW by the name of Mandhan Motors in the city. Interestingly, the BMW’s showroom in city is owned by Munich Motors headed by Prashant Mandhan, the similar surname which has been used in fake name of showroom.

However, according to sources, a baffling fact has come to the fore. The ‘non-existing’ Mandhan Motors Company, in fact, ‘exists’ at official Munich Motors premises itself. More baffling is the role of Mandhan Motors Company in returning the entire amount of Rs 30 lakh to accused Suraj Thakre when he reportedly cancelled the booking of the BMW X6 car. How can the company return the amount when it knew that the car booker had procured a loan from Canara Bank for purchasing the car? The Bank must have approved the loan to accused Suraj Thakre after the quotation and other documentary formalities completed by Mandhan Motors Company. Under the circumstances, the established norms make it crystal clear that the loan amount of Rs 30 lakh should have been returned to Canara Bank when the accused Suraj Thakre cancelled the booking of BMW X6. The Mandhan Motors Company was under obligation to return the amount to Canara Bank as the accused had taken loan for purchasing the car from it after completing due formalities, said the sources.

Now the baffling question is: Was the accused Suraj Thakre just a pawn in the nefarious designs of Mandhan Motors Company? Has the company masterminded the fraud and gobbled up the staggering amount?

Sources further said that the accused Suraj Thakre is frequent visitor to the Munich Motors showroom and hanging around there and spending time with almost every employee of the company in a well-versed manner.

The bottom line is: Was the fraud a well-planned conspiracy on the part of all the players?