Published On : Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

What to do during Quarantine Period – Dr Himanshu Singh Choudhary

As we all are staying inside our home, due to lockdown, don’t let yourself feel down.

It’s very difficulty for some to stay at home especially those who are having an extrovert personality. So there is tips for all to keep our zeel high.

Tips to boost mood and immunity
•Thanks to technology it’s easy to stay connected even when we are lockdown.
•Make video calls to your near n dear one’s is one of great idea.
•It’s a time to reunite with yourself, do meditation or yoga.
•Stay mindful, as it helps to over come the stress and anxiety.
•Staying hydrated, is also important to keep ourselves healthy.
•Have vitamin c rich food in your diet. Like oranges, lemon, alma, etc.
•Do regular breathing exercises to increase the lung capacity. Like pursed lip breathing, coordinated breathing, deep breathing, huff cough, diaphragmatic breathing, etc.
•Do expose yourself to sunlight in morning hours especially.
•Engage yourself in cooking, cleaning, painting, drawing, etc. as it’s a way to boost your mood.

Things to avoid during this time
•Avoid going to each other’s home especially when there are kids and elderly people at home.
•Avoid having parcels as much as possible.
•Avoid roaming around unnecessarily as it’s a virus and can’t be bitten in a single day.
•Don’t panic.
•Don’t stress.

Regards: Dr Himanshu Singh Choudhary