Published On : Thu, Nov 1st, 2018

Water Truck Hits Qatar Airways Plane At Kolkata Airport

KOLKATA: A water truck rammed a Qatar Airways plane at Kolkata airport late last night, damaging the aircraft. All passengers are safe.

The Qatar Airways flight QR 541 from Kolkata to Doha was waiting to take off with 103 passengers when it was hit by the tanker this morning at 3.15 am.

The aircraft’s belly was damaged. It has been taken for repairs, say officials.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DGCA has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Last month an Air India flight from Trichy to Dubai rammed into a perimeter wall during take-off and flew for three hours before the pilot was informed about damage to the aircraft made an emergency landing in Mumbai.

The Air India plane was severely damaged and the 136 passengers abd crew onboard had a miraculous escape. Officials had said that the plane was overloaded leading to the problem in taking off and reaching a particular height.