Published On : Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015

Water Supply in West, South & Central Nagpur to remian affected till March 10

Repairing of Navegaon–Khairi RBC by Irrigation Dept. going on a snail’s pace

Pench project
Nagpur. Water supply in West, South-West, South and Central Nagpur will remain further affected till March 10, following major breach that was developed on the Right Bank Canal (RBC) at 23Km from Navegaon –Khairy Dam on Feb 25 and its repairing work going on at a snail’s pace by Irrigation Department.

The repair work started by Irrigation Department late on 27th February at the 23Km RBC breach site has been progressing at snail’s pace.

Further, the unexpected rains in last two days have literally stopped the repair work. There are serious concerns and doubts as when the repair work will get completed and the water supply through RBC will resume to normal.

It may be mentioned here, that the breach, which was one of the biggest experienced in last few years, occurred on Feb 25 afternoon, was on both sides of the canal and is approximately 100 feet in length. Following which the gates at the Navegaon –Khairy Dam were closed 12 Noon on Feb 25.

Here, as the water level at the Gorewada lake is receding and the required raw water to the water treatment plant has started to reduce thereby affecting the clear water pumping to the city.

It is well known fact that Gorewada Reservoir provides 65% of the raw water for treatment to Nagpur city. Due to the dilapidated condition of Irrigation Departments Right Bank canal (RBC) of Navegaon Khairi and frequent canal breach the water level at the lake once again fell down to from 315.08 (on Feb 25, 2015) to 313.90 on March 2, 2015 Presently the lake level is at alarming level of 313.90 meter (as on March 2, 2015) . Due to this continuous drop in the level, water supply to Gorewada WTP’s and subsequently to West, South-West, South and Central Nagpur may get affected in coming next days till March 10.

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It may be mentioned here last year on Oct 31, 2014 a major breach occurred in Right Bank Canal (RBC) at 19Km from Navegaon-Khairy dam. The location of that breach was at Nimba village. Then on November 13, 2014, another major breach occurred in RBC near Babhulkheda village on November 13.

Despite that OCW and NMC experts are trying its level best to minimize the inconvenience to the citizens by properly managing the water supply system, but just because for such critical situation of Gorewada the water supply to Gorewada WTP’s Pench-I, II, III and subsequently to the West, South-West and South and Central Nagpur will be adversely affected till March 10. Despite Gorewada water level problem has been developed due to frequent RBC breaches of Navegaon Khairi dam still the inconvenience caused to citizens of West, South-West, Central and South Nagpur is deeply regretted.

For any other information or complaints regarding water supply please contact OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899