WATCH : Petrol pump delivers ‘water fuel’ in Wardhaman Nagar, faces Shiv Sena wrath

Nagpur: You must have heard or experienced petrol pumps cheating people by filling less fuel. But in an outrageous incident, a fuel outlet in East Nagpur – Pal Petrol Pump — situated beside Haldiram’s Factory, Wardhaman Nagar, was caught delivering water instead of the petrol in several vehicles. As a result, vehicles of several people broke down.

Incidentally, two Shiv Sena activists were among the victims of ‘water fuel’. They immediately informed their leader Ravinish Pandey who reached the spot with several supporters. Soon a mob of Yuva Sena activists also reached the petrol pump. Pandey first asked the petrol pump delivery boy to fill up a bottle with petrol. As the delivery boy started filling fuel, water gushed out from nozzle instead of fuel. Pandey immediately Lakadganj Police Inspector on phone and apprised him about the outrageous incident. The PI along with his team reached the spot. The cops and office-bearers of Shiv Sena met the owner of Pal Petrol Pump and confronted with over the ‘water fuel.’ They asked the petrol pump owner to repair the vehicles broke down by water fuel at his own cost. Sensing the menacing mood of Shiv Sena activists, the owner agreed to the demand. He called mechanics and repaired all vehicles and also assured not to commit such folly again.