Published On : Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Watch Dhol Taasha Nagpur 2016 : Shiv Garjana sychronises vibrant beats of Universe

Nagpur: Ganesh festival has made a thunderous start yet again in 2016, thanks to the upbeat and familiar voices of dhol taasha that signals the arrival of festive season in Nagpur. And you must agree that when it comes to bringing out the foot tapping festive beats, Nagpur dhol taashas match none but the best.

In this special section we will present the most upbeat and highly disciplined dhol parties of Nagpur, out in action, playing with all their zest and power.

This group comprises 140 members in full strength, which include 35 girls and 105 boys. Led by Pratik Tete and Gaurav Shinde, this popular Dhol and Tasha group set the rhythm of parades taken out during annual Ganesh festival. A real festival mood-setter for everyone who hears these sounds irrespective of ethnicity and regional divergence. They are committed to promoting Indian Tradition. The money which they get is donated to their trust naming Shivgarjana Trust. The members are of age 6 to 50 years.

So here we present Shiv Garjana Dhol Taasha in action. Enjoy