Published On : Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Nagpur roads go worst ever, turn life threatening for commuters

Hudkeshwar Truck Accident
 Nagpur has been witnessing various major and minor road accidents and the prime culprit now-a-days appear to the pathetic condition of city roads which have gone from bad to worse and now lie in its worst ever state. Recently, a young girl was crushed under the wheels of a speeding truck at Omkar Nagar square. Eye-witnesses told Nagpur Today that the girl came under the rear wheels of the truck because her vehicle ran over a pot hole and she lost balance and fell down coming under the wheels of the truck which was passing by. It is not a stray incident of one young girl. If one goes to investigate into the causes of road mishaps, one will discover that 85% of road mishaps were because of pot-holes, poor roads, silt and gravel on road (causing two-wheelers to skid).

Pot-holes, poor roads, gravel on the roads are playing major role in traffic movement and mishaps. While internal roads are constructed, repaired and maintained by Nagpur Municipal Corporation, ring-roads and highways within the city limits are made and maintained by NIT. Out of city limits, the roads are made, repaired and maintained by Maharashtra Road Development Corporation.

Officials turn blind eye
Despite media continuously drawing attention towrds the poor road conditions and the ever growing pot-holes on city roads, the administration displayed a lackadaisical approach. The leaders held meetings with related officials who promised to “look into the matter”. This grave problem was looked as a very good means of making an extra buck by giving out a new tender and fleecing the contractor. When pressurized, the authorities simply blamed it on the rains.

The deceased girl was riding a TVS Scooty Pep bearing RTO registration No MH-49/ AD-9414 came under the speeding truck bearing RTO Registration No WB-23/ C-6050 at Omkar Nagar Square. While the TVS Scooty moped became badly mangled because of coming under the rear wheels, the right leg of the victim girl was crushed badly and she died on the spot. The local resident expressed their anger on the truck since the driver had deserted the vehicle and ran away. The cops of Ajni Police Station had reached the accident spot and a case was registered against the truck driver.

So what was the cause of the girl’s death? POT-HOLE!
Who is responsible for smooth, pot-hole-less roads? NIT or NMC!
So who should be named in the FIR as the offender in the death of the young girl? NIT or NMC!
Should the official in-charge of that area, the contractors who made a shop-shoddy work of laying road be arrested and charged for Culpable Homicide of the young girl?