Published On : Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

Want to adopt a tiger, go to Gorewada Zoo!

tigers of Umred karhndala (2)Nagpur: Will you try? If you are lucky enough like Bollywood stars Jahn Abraham, Tiger Shroff and Indian Cricket Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni you can also adopt a tiger in blood and flesh! The Gorewada Zoo and Rescue Centre has started a ‘wildlife adoption scheme.’ Tiger, leopard and other wildlife species are in the line for adoption. However, at a cost. The interested will have to shell out between Rs 3.50 lakh and Rs 5 lakh depending on the species to be adopted.

An international standard zoo and botanical garden are being set up at Gorewada in the coming days. Recently, the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had inaugurated the Animal Rescue Centre and jungle safari facilities at the Zoo. He had announced that the project would be completed by 2019. Responsibility of construction of Gorewada Project lies with the FDCM (Maharashtra Forest Development Corporation). The FDCM floated the tenders for development of the Zoo with the help of private investment. However, due to technical glitches the tenders did not receive response from the investors on the expected lines. Hence the wildlife adoption scheme was started to attract investment as well as to create affection among the citizens.

Previously, Maharajbagh had also implemented the scheme. The scheme received the overwhelming response from animals lovers across the country and globally as well. The Bollywood star Tiger Shroff subsequently adopted a tigress named ‘Lee.’ If a tiger is adopted in Maharajbagh for a period of one year, Rs 1 lakh has to be shelled out. However, if a tiger is to be adopted from Gorewada, the cost goes up and one will have to pay Rs 3.50 lakh. At present, the Gorewada Animal Rescue Centre does not have a tiger bit the big cat is likely to arrive soon and that is why the adoption scheme is floated.

The adoption scheme:

• The favourite animal could be adopted for a period of one month and a year.
• The name of the person or organization will prominently be displayed at the cage of the adopted species.
• The person will be allowed to visit the cage of his or her adopted animal once in a month.
• Timings for watching the wildlife will be fixed.
• A certificate on adoption of a wildlife animal will be issued.

Name of animal                 Adoption cost (1 year)                             One month

Tiger                                              Rs 3.50 lakh                                                   Rs 30,000
Leopard                                        Rs 1.50 lakh                                                    Rs 13,000
Nilgai,Sambar                             Rs 30,000                                                       Rs 2700
Deer                                              Rs 25,000                                                        Rs 2200
Garud                                           Rs 12000                                                          Rs 1000
Owl                                               Rs 6000                                                            Rs 500