Published On : Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

Alert Nagpur! Sex trade spreads at alarming pace, Crime emerges in new face!

1 (4)Nagpur: Red light areas in Nagpur are not limited to specific locality now, thanks to the lack of police alertness, corruption and high demand for sex! Many of city by lanes are alarmingly being marred by the age old profession of prostitution, being operated in notoriously professional manner. You would be shocked to know that young college students have surfaced as big time consumers in the found den of this trade.

1 (5)In a highly concealed operation, Nagpur Today has conducted a detailed investigation on the city’s thriving sex trade and found out shocking results.

It is learnt that more women from the considerably dignified families have now landed into prostitution owing to the lure of making quick money.

Another telling factor that emerged from the trend is the rapid change in lifestyle, urge to splurge on shopping and hi-end gadgets that has been prompting more and more young girls to take up this trade as a ‘part time’ affair.

Sources said that the recent spurt in city’s crime rate has something, if not everything, to do with this trend.

The unabated rise in unorganized sex operatives has signaled the crime situation in the city. Sources said the most of the sex rackets are running on freewill just because of the alleged connivance with the cops.

Nagpur Today correspondents visited few areas of the city and were shocked to see what fell before their eyes. Every morning from 11 am to 6 pm, the stretch from Laxmi Talkies to Anand Talkies under Sitabuldi police station turns into a platform for ‘display’.

1 (13)Young girls routinely crowd this place in search of their ‘prospective’.

Another shocking fact that glaringly comes out of this scene is that most of these women belong to good middle class families.

They reportedly leave home on the pretext of going to work which they usually project as working in some clinic, fetching lunch boxes and similar other odd jobs except the real one!

Sources informed that this often result into scuffle among the people as most of the ‘seekers’ could not make out the difference between the prostitute and other girls.

“Every other day, you can see fights being picked up in this area just because of these women who come here in the morning and stay here till the office working hours that usually run up to 6 or 7 pm so as to leave no chance of doubt among their family members,” informed a source.

Young college boys hit this place every day and pick up different women on their bikes and drop them at the same place after the ‘deal’. “One can see new face every day and increasing number of young people dropping at this place. This often confuses the youths who many a times end up asking the wrong women.

1 (10)The incidents have been reported at Dhantoli police couple of times but no action has been initiated in this regard.

There are liquor shops and local beer bar also around the area which only worsen the situation.

The small time vendors and shopkeepers are frustrated with this routine happening but even the cops have turned a blind eye owing to some ‘personal gains’.

City police commissioner SP Yadav has been claiming that the city’s crime graph has declined, but the real situation is not hidden to anyone. On the other hand the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis being from the city must have paid heed to this alarming trend.

…. Ravikant Kamble