Published On : Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: Depression myths and sooth

image1In today’s world people compete to get ahead of each other in continual innovation people are cracking under the weight their ambitions leading a tense life. Their existence slowly fades away and in the rush they find themselves alone. Nowadays for materialistic goals in life, man has forgotten those things that really make them happy.

Technological revolution has made the world a small place but made the man alone and unaided, it appears today many hundreds of people are Facebook friends, but not many outside their virtual worlds. Tech-Savvy youth of today fill the hollowness resorting to social networking. Humans are social creatures and loneliness is Man’s greatest enemy. Research has found people who regularly stay connected to your family and friends had reportedly less incidences of symptoms of depression rather than those connected with to others via phone, e-mail or other means of communications.

Peoples suffering with depression Will tell that this is not just figments of their imagination casserole or just apathy but a mental state in which the brain undergoes changes caused by a disturbance in chemical equilibrium. So they find themselves constrained and surrounded by negative thoughts, anyone can become victim.The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics reveal that a total of 1,35,445 people committed suicide in 2012 which amounts to a an average of 15 suicides an hour or 371 suicides daily. Maharashtra ranked second on the suicide index with Tamil Nadu topping the list. One in five women and one in 10 men suffer from major depressive disorder at some time in their lifetime. It makes depression a big problem statement in our country. A patient with depression may present with any vague symptoms as stomach, or long standing body aches etc. Let’s try to analyze some of the common symptoms of the disease:


– To feel helpless and destitute ,
– Sinking Feeling and decline in performance,
– Change in pattern of hunger, too much or too less, digestive imbalances,
– Sleeping Too much or too little,
– Introvert Personality hesitation to meet the people or feeling uncomfortable with a crowded surrounding.
– Becoming very sensitive – the little things give strange reactions beginning to cry easily or feeling like screaming,
– Having no interest in looking presentable, men forgetting to shave for several weeks, ignorant dressing,
– Loss of libido or desire to have sex,
– Extreme headaches, etc.


In a research Researchers have found that people who are upset stressed due to work or lifestyles may become victims of depression on with passing time. Thus it is necessary that upbringing of Children should be in an atmosphere that is devoid of tensions and worries, if we lay a strong foundation of a building it will be ready if faced cast.

To avoid this it is necessary to minimize the burden on school children so that they get stress-free growth. Another research shows that those who are abused in childhood or are bullied-denied by the society may face problems of depression in times to come. A more complex problem is students who studied in colleges, which can be fatal is Ragging, if left unchecked. Management and the government should take even more stern steps so that the young college students do not get a hostile environment when they leave there comfortable nests in pursuit of their futures.

This is the age of Multi-National companies or as we know MNC’s where workers are pelt to the inferno of targets and deadlines oriented assignments. They give hefty salaries on which they take toll of and squeeze the juice out of the lives of the employees. Companies should think less about profits and they must take meticulous measures, for creating a working environment that is not contaminated. Government agencies should also keep a check on the level of stress of employees unanimously. Google gives its employees facilities that are of trade standards and beyond it might not be possible everywhere yet points that can be practically implemented should be done.

Today people are better sensitized to depression the credit goes to glamor world and media for creating awareness of such problems so that people get used to it and not be afraid of the stigma of visiting a psychiatrist or of being a psychopath.

Regardless of age or sex, one should speak up openly about the problem. Minor depression often does not need pharmacotherapy, in such cases a frank discussion with your family or friends can help resolve the problem. Psychotherapy counsellor are people who specialize in getting better insight of a problems and giving tentative solutions for them.

Lifestyle modifications is another way which can be dealt with yoga, exercise, meditation for keeping the mind peaceful, try to keep away evil and malefic thoughts away but despite everything if such thought come to your mind try to keep yourself busy. Visit a psychiatrist and try to explain your problem, try to open up without hesitation. Take time medicines at prescribed intervals without missing a single dose. And remember to keep your willpower fervent. Make this your life’s mantra repeat it when you feel low and boost your morale:

….By: Dr. Rajan Pandey
M.B.B.S., M.D. Radio-Diagnosis(schol.),
an avid wanderlust blogger, an aspiring columnist and a social reformist.