Published On : Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

Wanna learn how to snap out of your responsibility? Mahavitaran-spanco teaches you how

: Instead of resolving the issue of webbed overhead High Tension lines in North Nagpur, the distributors, Nagpur Improvement Trust and Spanco, even after being warned by the court, prefer to get the area vacated. After death of two children in the area, court had directed for resolving of the issue. However, instead of bringing out a solution, the concerned departments are focusing on getting the area vacated. Thousands residing below these lines, have been notified to evacuate the region.

More than 15,000 deprived families reside in Padole Nagar, Hivri Layout, Radha Krishna Nagar, Jai Jalaram Society and other such areas where the overhead webbed High Tension lines run. It is to be mentioned here that a few months back, two children were electrocuted form the wires while playing on the terrace. Later, one of them died. Concerned by the same, court had directed the departments to resolve the issue.

The Nagpur Improvement Trust, under the MRTP Act 53/1 (1), has been notifying the residents to vacate the land on which they have been residing for decades. The families, evidently, are not capable enough to afford moving to a new location but, authorities seem least concerned.

As informed by Bunty Kukde, Corporator and Chairman, MNC Transportation Commitee, the residents have been residing on the land for 30-40 years now. “They have been living there for such long time now. It is unfair to ask them to relocate. Also, if the authorities were already aware of the issues why were these lay outs approved at the very first place?”, he said.

As per electricity act, a 35 meter (17.5 meter on each side of transmission line) ‘Right of Way’ is required for a 220 KV transmission line and while for a 400 KV line, 52 meter of space (26 meter on each side) is required to ensure proper maintenance of the transmission lines and safety of general public. Nevertheless, the same was overlooked until the court interfered in the matter.