Published On : Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

‘Dream’ or ‘reality’: Is Symbiosis campus coming up at “nowhere land”?

Nagpur: When it comes to ‘art’ of selling dreams no one can compete with the shrewd politicos. The politicians would ‘promise to build a bridge even when there is no river.’ The proposed campus of Pune-based Symbiosis International University to come in the city could well turn out to be a ‘dream’ for hundreds of local students craving for quality education. Is the Campus of Symbiosis University coming up at “nowhere land?” Standing crops of farmers greet visitors at the land where the campus is being “promised” by politicians!

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), in a “generous gesture,” has allotted its 75 acre land situated at Mouza Wathoda to the Symbiosis International University at ‘throwaway price.’ The land, worth around Rs 200 crore, has been given to the Symbiosis on lease at a nominal rate of Re 1 per sq ft/annum.

During the foundation stone laying ceremony of the campus, the Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis International University had said that the “Second Capital City of Nagpur should have a branch of Symbiosis was my long cherished dream. That personal dream of mine today has come true. A new chapter has been opened in the history of Nagpur education. Today is a golden letter day for the historic city of Nagpur and a golden moment for Symbiosis as the foundation stone for the campus of the prestigious institute has been laid.

All said and done! But where is the land? A visit by a team of Nagpur Today to the site where the proposed campus is being set up by Symbiosis University revealed that the land belongs to farmers. The farmers are reaping harvests at the ‘so-called’ land since many years. The Nagpur Today team found standing crops swaying to the gentle breeze at the land that is being tagged as given to Symbiosis University.

There are no signs of foundation stone that was laid with much fanfare. Or it may have got “lost” in the swaying standing crops. A fact also got revealed that a signboard was installed at a land just beside the ‘so-called’ Symbiosis land showing the ownership of NMC as well as a person. Now, the question is: Is the land being given to Symbiosis University is in possession of NMC or embroiled in any dispute? Time would only throw light on the reality.