Published On : Wed, Jul 1st, 2020

VIT Webinar Series – Dr. Vinayak Deshpande

A Webinar of Dr. Vinayak Deshpande , Ex VC and Pro VC of RTMNU , Nagpur Renowned was organized by Vidarbha Institute of Technology (VIT) Nagpur.

Topic of his delivery was “Covid 19, Opportunities and Threats to Education Sector ”

In his delivery very spectacular way He had had explained the present situation of education sector and gave tips to make effective use of available resources. According to him teachers themselves can change the present picture by their own capabilities and can do excellent work with the help of firm planning.. .

The audience was truly surprised by the magnum opus of literature of his speech as she described each aspect of topic very lucidly and impressively.. He explains the over all impact of lock down on Education Sector and allied activities. He also put focus on present scenario of present education Pattern. . He is a renowned Academician having 35 years of experience .

At the beginning Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar Principal , introduce and welcome the guest for webinar. Dr. Vinayak Deshpande is recipient of many credentials in his career . He was a Management council Member, Senate member , Acting Registrar and Head for Business Management Dept for RTMNU. He is having very vast experience of academics and has worked on prestigious position in college. 30 students has completed their doctoral program under his able guidance. He has published 17 books uptill now. Worked on various committees formed by State Govt and UGC for various tasks. He is NAAC assessor too.

He discusses the probable opportunities in education sector because of Covid 19 and share threats of it with audience. He also gave remedies to come out of present crises. Majority of academicians and renowned people from society was on line for Webinar. With statistical approach , he explain each aspect of subject. At the end of his webinar, Question answer session was there, where Dr. Deshpande gave answers to queries asked by audience.

Dr.Sanjay Uttarwar Principal VIT had also shared his firm views about challenges in front of Education Sector. He asks audience to take every thing positively and approach with optimistic thoughts to each hurdle of life. He is a renowned Motivational speaker of our region and frequently appear on TV Channels to deliver his experts talk on various topics. He also share some thoughts about threats and opportunities in education sector.

HODs and Staff were on line in majority for said webinar. Eminent personalities, Principals , Professors from the field was also present for said webinar.

Session conclude with a cheerful talk . Prof. Nilesh Gole express his gratitude towards speaker for sparing valuable time and guiding our students and propose vote of thanks.

Jitesh N. Maheshwari (Chairman, VIT), extend his best wishes ” Dr. Pooja Maheshwari (Secretary, VIT) along with Dr. G.S. Natrajan (Director, VIT) and Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar also appreciate the work of organizing committee.