Published On : Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Vishing fraud: Conman pilfers Rs 2.17 lakh from old man’s SBI accounts

Nagpur: In a big vishing fraud, a con man pilfered Rs 2.17 lakh from two bank accounts of an old man by procuring details of ATM cards.

A resident of Plot No. 128, Nari Road, Jagrut Nagar, Jaripatka, Sheshrao Laxman Lokhande (59) told police that he received calls from mobile phone 7257926677 on February 17, 2017 and the caller posed as representative of a bank. The con caller sought details of Sheshrao’s ATM cards. Believing to be the ‘bank representative,’ Sheshrao provided the crucial data of his ATM cards to the caller. Armed with the ATM card information, the unidentified accused went on shopping spree online and pilfered Rs 2.17 lakh from two SBI accounts of Sheshrao Lokhande. When the fraud came to notice of Sheshrao, he registered a case with Jaripatka police in this connection.

Jaripatka police constable Ramesh has booked the unidentified accused under Section of the IPC and searching for him.