Published On : Mon, Feb 1st, 2021

‘Virtual Fun Sports Day’ at the Achievers Pre-School.


For good physical fitness and strength, sports is an integral part of our life. It makes our life interesting, teaches us to work hard, and push our limits to a new high. Therefore sports is an integral part of the Achievers Curriculum. Despite the COVID situation, the Achievers Pre-School organised a Virtual Fun Sports day on 23 rd January 2021. The very talented and versatile sports mentor Ms Barkha Chauhan and the event in charge Ms. Sheetal Kothe planned really interesting and engaging activities for different classes.

The program started with a welcome video by the centre head Mrs Sharmila Muthye, which had some glorious glimpses of the previous sports events. Not only the children but the parents’ cooperation and enthusiasm was unmatched. The children had a really thrilling and fun experience as the mentors and the family members collectively cheered for the children. The events included Frog- Cushion Jump, Jumping Jack, Slide & Drop,Lemon & Spoon Race, Sort it out, Speed Bounce, and Roll & Drop.

The event ended with a positive note, hoping that the next session will have a grand sports day, on the campus. Against all odds , the event was a grand success with parents congratulating the staff for their creativity and meticulous planning and untiring enthusiasm.

The preschool achieved yet another milestone.The Chief mentor Ms. Sapna Katiyar congratulated the staff on their innovative ideas and fabulous team work.