Viral Audio : How customer tried to blackmail Krishnum Restaurant owner

Nagpur: The row over Krishnum Restaurant has refused to die down anytime soon as the customer Sumit Shukla who found insect in his food has been exposed while he was blackmailing the restaurant owner in the viral audio that has been doing rounds on social media. Shukla has been trying to dominate the restaurant owner and asking for Rs 1 lakh for not blowing up the matter beyond proportion.

In the audio, the restaurant owner is heard trying to pacify the customer who was adamant and asking money. He also threatened the restaurant owner that he would distract each and every customer visiting the Krishnum restaurant and also take the matter to various forums including social media and medical fraternity. In the audio, a copy of which is in possession with Nagpur Today the customer is heard saying that he would be interested in talking to the restaurant owner in person as the call might be recorded. Putting the customer on hold for sometime the restaurant owner later disconnected the call.

It all started on Saturday when the customer named Shukla visited Krishnum restaurant and found insect in the fried rice that he had ordered there.

A team of FDI also visited the Krishnum restaurant and seized the samples. Meanwhile the restaurant owner also lodged the counter complaint against Shukla and submitted the audio clip in support of his complaint. Further investigation was on.