Published On : Thu, Nov 1st, 2012

In Nagpur: VIPs exempt from crackdown on vehicles with dark panes

Nagpur News: While the crackdown on vehicles with dark- tinted panes and windshields by the city police and the RTO (Regional Transport Office) have been making headlines, city politicians and bureaucrats appear to be above the rules, which are being implemented to solve a serious security issue in Nagpur. The crackdown began in full force in October, with a fine of Rs. 1100 being slapped on people caught flouting rules after a warning. More than 150 vehicles have been caught in the drive which began after stern directives to the city police by the Supreme Court. According to Assistant Regional Transport Officer Harishchandra Gadsingh, the drive is being undertaken in view of rising crime rate in the city.

Official vehicles with tinted panes

Most of the official vehicles of the State Government, however, roam the city with windshields and windows tinted black. These vehicles are neither stopped nor fined, despite the film on the windows reducing visibility to near- zero. The city police as well as RTO officials appear highly reluctant to implement the law in the case of such VIPs. Such discrimination further endangers the law and- order situation in Nagpur, by making it impossible for the police to identify the faces and the number of passengers inside a tinted vehicle, official or otherwise. According to the law, the minimum transparency levels allowed are 70% for front and back windshields and 50% for side windows.

Police jeep in violation of norms