Published On : Fri, Feb 14th, 2014

‘Vikas Thakre should get himself examined’

Nagpur News : BJP Mahamantri, Sudhakar Kohle in a statement which is a retort to Vikas Thakre’s allegations has said that Vikas Thakre by making baseless allegations has given proof of his disturbed mentality.

BJP, since its foundation has taken peoples’ contributions for running party. It is due to monetary contributions from people that BJP can complete its political activities. As Congressmen are having huge amounts of black money that to safely stacked away in Swiss Banks that they do not need anything from people. These people are well versed in this art of contesting elections on the strength of black money.

Kohle said plundering people, getting elected with the help of that money and again looting people by misusing the power. This is the real practice of Congress and they have been doing this for years together.

BJP workers are going from house to house under ‘ One note Kamal ko Vote’ , contribute one note and one vote for BJP. Under this campaign they are reaching out to 4.75 lakh houses and 15 lakh persons directly. This move has totally disturbed Congressmen and so they are going berserk. So Thakre should get himself examined and treated by three of his own doctors, Dr Chaturvedi, Dr Raut and Dr Anis Ahmed.