Video: VNIT Certifies that Metro Station Construction has no role in collapse of top roof of Poonam Mall

NAGPUR: It was alleged that the construction work of Metro Station is going on near Poonam Mall which affected Poonam Mall building due to which collapse took place. Maha Metro has already denied it strongly yesterday. Maha Metro handed over the structural investigations to Visvesaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT).

The team conducted detail site visit collected data, photographs, did a detail analysis and certified that Maha Metro has nothing to do with and has no role to play in the collapse of roof of Poonam Mall.

They have given their assessment and confirmed that the Metro construction activity can’t be a cause for the structural failure, which happened in Poonam Mall. This is based on the facts that the Metro activity is sufficiently away from Poonam Mall and also does not cause any vibration to nearby structures.

Maha Metro has not received any complaint from Poonam Mall regarding construction activity of Metro Station earlier. Similarly, no complaint was received from nearby buildings, which are closer to than this Mall. Residential multi-storied apartments still closer to Metro construction are intact.

Poonam Mall is apparently in dilapidated condition with cracks visible on Main Road and rear sides. After the structural failure on Friday, leaning of the wall is from second floor upwards, confirming that the failure is not from foundation but from upper floor.

No excavation activity or heavy machinery movement was undertaken in recent past by Metro here. Maha Metro undertakes construction activities with full care so that no nearby buildings are affected. The allegation could be an attempt to blame Maha Metro for covering up own lapses.