Published On : Wed, Feb 26th, 2020

Video: Vidarbha cricketer, Saloni Allot, recalls her scuffle with burglar at dead of night

Nagpur: As the news of a 24-year-old Saloni Allot, a Vidarbha cricketer, fighting a burglar barehanded and ultimately pinning him down outside her residence at Swami Colony Phase-I, under Gittikhadan police area, she is now talk of the town. Saloni, who got injured in the scuffle, recalled the incident in an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today.

“It was Saturday night. I along with my parents Anju and Vinay had gone to my uncle’s place for dinner. At around 1.30 am we reached home. My parents went inside while I was parking our car. At the same time, my mother saw someone climbing the compound wall following which she called my father,” says Saloni, the Vidarbha wicketkeeper-batter.

“Seeing my parents, the burglar scaled the boundary wall and jumped out. I had just stepped out of the car after parking it, when the man landed in front of me. There was hardly any moment to think before I acted. I pounced upon him. We both fell on construction debris placed nearby. However, he managed to roll over and get on top. It was tough, but I was able to grasp him with my legs crisscrossed over him, until my father and others reached and grabbed him too,” she added.

In the process of overpowering the burglar and keep him away from the cloth bag in which he had two long blades, screwdriver and some other sharp tools, Saloni’s both hands got bruised due to debris.

Following the incident, all family nembers and friends had one thing to ask, “How did you do it?” To this, Saloni says, “Frankly I don’t know.”