Video: Two more cops caught violating traffic rules as citizen plays vigilante

Nagpur: The revised traffic fines have not only cautioned the citizens on leaving no chance to be at fault, but more and more of them are keeping an eagle’s eye on how the law protectors are following it.

As a result more videos and clicks showing cops breaking traffic rules are being shared from various areas of the city.

After an aware citizen shared a video grab of the traffic cops driving patrolling vehicle without wearing the seatbelts, yet another video of two cops riding bike without wearing helmets is breaking the internet.

They were reportedly traveling from Law College square to Ravi Nagar square when one of the citizens spotted them in the rear view mirror of his four wheeler. He immediately whisked out his mobile camera and took shots of them riding without protective head gear.

The duo were seen riding the bike bearing registration number MH 40 BP 0667.