Published On : Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Video : Traffic cops caught violating rules at Khamla Square

Nagpur: With the enforcement of amended MV rules entailing hefty fines, the traffic violation may not be a smooth ride for those in the habit of breaking the rules. However as the citizens are gradually getting to the terms with escalated fines, and taking every bit of caution not to fall on the wrong end of law, there are few who are playing vigilante too. One such citizen is Akash Gaikwad, resident of Swawalambi Nagar, who caught the traffic cops violating the act.

Gaikwad has shared a video with Nagpur Today, in which two traffic policemen on board a patrolling van were seen driving the vehicle without their seat belt on. The cops were apparently on their routine patrol on Ring Road near Khamla Square at around 8.30 pm on Thursday.

Talking to Nagpur Today Akash Gaikwad said he was driving towards Khamla square from Pratap Nagar square when he noticed the two cops driving without wearing seat belts. Curious over the sight when Akash politely reminded them of the violation, the duo excused themselves saying most of the time they remain in a hurry of reaching the scene of crime.

However when Akash asked them their names they showed more hurry and abruptly drove away while jumping the red signal – yet another violation.

Akash said the number plate of the vehicle they were riding, was also in shabby state as the digits were not properly reading.

He said, “Not wearing seat belt on the ground of urgency cannot be accepted. Would they (traffic cops) buy similar excuse from any other citizen caught doing so.”
Are the seniors watching?